Dolfans To Party Like '72 If Pats Fall

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by TDJets72027, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Indiana native Roy Newman has lived in Miami since 1982, which means that for as long as he can remember, he's had to endure the 1972 Dolphins' annual ritual of holding a champagne celebration when the last undefeated team goes down. He's looking forward to Sunday's Super Bowl XLII -- in which the New England Patriots will try to join the Dolphins in the ranks of perfection -- like none other before it. ''I'm sick of hearing about it,'' Newman, 50, said of the Dolphins' dream season. ``I want New England to win, and I'll tell you why: ``How many playoff teams did the '72 Dolphins beat in the regular season? None. ``How many teams with a winning record did the '72 Dolphins beat in the regular season? Two, and both were 8-6. ``That's why I want New England to win. They are the best team of this year, that year -- the best team of the century.'' To South Florida fans -- including the thousands of New York transplants who have added incentive to pull for the Patriots' opponents, the Giants -- those sound like fighting words. ''I hate the Patriots,'' said V.J. Reddy, a lifelong Dolphins fan from Kendall. ``And every Dolphins fan should hate the Patriots. I hate the fact they are even in the Super Bowl.''

    Source: Miami Herald
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    Can someone tell me how to rep this guy?:icon_cheesygrin:
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    I'm sure your mom has his cell #......
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    I tried to find him on, but he isn't listed. I wanted to see if you would call him, get him to join the board, and then throw rep at him. :icon_lol:
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    That would be the Fins 2nd party for the 2007 season :icon_wink:
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    Did Dolphindude13 say he actually had a problem trying to rep somebody? Wow, it wasn't difficult to use the ignore, I can't see how hard it is to rep somebody. :laughpound: :rollinglaugh:
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    Genius... You imbecile.
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    What, did he want to rep TDJets72027 or did he want to rep the Miami Herald? Why would he want to rep the paper when it was TDJets that found the story and he should get the rep? I already repped TDJets. I mean, the quote is right there to Dawkins, not my fault you can't ignore a quote.:rollinglaugh:
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    lmao, thats so funny and i think most fins fans hate everybody in the afc east
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    DD, you're supposed to hate the rest of the teams in your div.
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    Party your asses off Fins!!!! I wish i could party with em but i will stay at home and party like its 1972!!!!!
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    I'm partying like it's 1968
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    I'm partying like it's 1996!
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    The 1972 Dolphins aren't drinking they are sitting around taking Geritol, at least the ones that are still alive.
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    And I'm partying like it's 1995, 1993 and 1992 :icon_cheesygrin:
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    I'm partying like it's...umm....

    This is actually the one negative to the Pats losing (outside of the Giants being a division foe), imo. I'm sick of these guys popping the champagne every year. I'm sure we'll hear all praise toward the Pats from them now that their claim to fame isn't threatened anymore.
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    I don't count NFL Championships