Dolphins Brutally Honest With CB Eric Green

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    How brutally honest are the Dolphins with new players? Cornerback Eric Green said that before he signed, coach Tony Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland essentially told him, ''We rolled 80 guys through our 53-man roster last year. What does that tell you? If you're not going to play, we'll get rid of you.'' Green, who said players appreciate that honesty ''whether it's harsh or not,'' also said the Dolphins' offseason training program is so grueling that "I was throwing up lifting weights.''

    Source: Miami Herald
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    work em hard Tony!
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    Damn! ...good stuff Dolphins. :icon_salut:
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    i wish someone would be brutally honest with me .........................
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    These guys (Sparano and Ireland) learned from Bill Parcells. What did you expect?
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    ummm this.