Dolphins DE Jason Taylor: QB Chad Henne More Talented Than Jets QB Mark Sanchez

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    Jason Taylor has played with both Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne and in his opinion Henne is more talented than Sanchez. "We need to grow and we need to continue to change, and I think Chad has grown immensely since I left here a year ago," Taylor told Jackie Nespral of NBC Miami. "I saw a kid in New York, Mark Sanchez, that is young, I don't think he's as talented as Chad Henne."

    Source: The Red Zone
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    Nothing "Talented" about Chad Henne in this league, Jason Taylor trying to make some positives out of nothing.
  3. Litez0ut

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    Talent doesn't = production.
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    Boy, that Florida sun is frying your brain eh Jason Taylor?
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    Am I the only one who thinks they both suck? Mark Sanchez is a inconsistent pr**k. At least with Chad Henne you know he'll always suck and you don't have to get your hopes up when he plays well and think "he's come into his own" as a professional QB.
    Mark's numbers:
    TD–INT 35–37
    Passing Yards 6,621
    Passer rating 72.5

    Chad's numbers:
    TD–INT 30-35
    Passing yards 6,832
    QB Rating 75.6

    Statistics tell half truths IMO. Both of them are trash. The difference is Sanchez has more talent around him and it shadows just how poor of a player he is.
  6. Sanchez is a mediocre QB surrounded by a great team. At least he has a hell of alot more production/ potential than Henne.
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    Truth. I am not a Henne fan by any means, but Shanchez gets credit for a great defense.
  8. The Red

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    Henne is more talented and would be a damn good QB I think if he was in a different system. Sanchez is a mediocore QB on a team with talent on both sides of the ball. Henne is a good QB and could develop into a great QB if he had the same talent as Sanchez. I think if they played with the same talent Henne was be strides ahead of Sanchez. Henne has a huge arm and is smart, his downfall is he trys to use his arm in times he shouldn't and isn't very mobile. The mobile thing is what it is, but making smarter plays will come in time.