Dolphins Hate 0-8 But Not Each Other

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    The winless Dolphins have avoided playing the blame game that sometimes afflicts losing teams.

    How much would you dread going to work if you had not gotten the job done in more than two months for the most scrutinized business in your major metropolitan area? How precisely would ''funereal'' describe the atmosphere in your office?

    The obvious answers make the often buoyant aura in the Dolphins' locker room seem, to the average outsider, strange, remarkable, or perhaps offensive (pick your favorite).

    At the end, however, it's logical.

    ''I was just talking about this in the O-line room [Tuesday],'' offensive tackle L.J. Shelton said Monday as the Dolphins returned to practice after their bye week. ``As hard as the season has been so far, win-and-loss-wise, I couldn't wait to get back and be around these guys. I'm hearing all the other stuff outside of here. I'm getting all the questions everywhere I go. In here, we're all together.

    ''It just felt good to be back amongst the guys, trying to get this thing turned around,'' Shelton continued. 'Even family, they don't know any better, asking me questions: `What's wrong?' 'What's the problem?' 'It must be tough.' That kind of stuff.''

    Shelton had just traded jocular barbs with fellow offensive lineman Rex Hadnot and cornerback Will Allen after rising from a dominoes table nobody seemed particularly ready to leave.

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    I think the 2007 Dolphins should go 0-16. Then in the years to come, whenever a team flirts with duplicating their "perfect" record they can talk crap in the press about them and openly root against them. The 2007 Dolphins will all just show up from around the world when a team starts off 0-8 and they say how the 0-16 in 2007 is still a better achievement. They crack champagne when the lowest of the NFL low finally get a win in week 10 just to show the world that 2007 was the ONLY team to ever be "perfect".
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    Outta all records nobody wants, an 0-16 season has to be at the top of the list.
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    not playing the blame game was a HUGE factor in the saints' turn around.
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    that and Brees pulling his head out of his butt...he's tearing it up now
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    the saints are getting it together
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    No way in hell they go 0-16, They'll beat someone that looks past them.....or at least the pathetic Jets.
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    Jets are their best bet....
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    Should have beat them the first time.....The fins have lost 3 games by 3 points.