Dolphins Hire Kaleb Thornhill As Director Of Player Development

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  1. The Miami Dolphins hired Kaleb Thornhill as director of player development. Thornhill previously worked for the Detroit Lions in football operations and player development. He was a three-year starter at middle linebacker at Michigan State and was named All-Academic Big Ten four times. “Kaleb was an outstanding student-athlete at Michigan State University, respected by both his coaches and his teammates alike,â€￾ Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland said. "His leadership and personal attributes there were obvious and he brought those same qualities to the NFL when he joined the Lions. When you combine that with his passion for the game of football and the people who play it, I have no doubt he will be a valuable resource for our players. We are fortunate to add someone of Kaleb's talents to our organization.â€￾

    National Football Post
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