Dolphins LB Channing Crowder Calls Out Reporter Mike Florio

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by pctrips, Sep 19, 2009.

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    Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder was unhappy with something written about him on "Hey, you know this guy from Pro Football" he asked a group of writers in the Dolphins locker room this afternoon. "Well, you tell Mike Florio to come to my house and call me a 'douche bag' to my face," Crowder said. "Just tell him to come to [my housing development] and take two lefts and a right and look for the house with the Dodge Ram out front. I'll be waiting there for him and he can call me that to my face and we can talk about it." Turns out someone had shown Crowder the latest link from regarding his anti-Lane Kiffin diatribe on the eve of the Tennessee-Florida game. Florio, the hard-working czar of the ever-popular Web site, had encouraged readers to "Google 'Channing' and 'Crowder' and 'douche' and 'bag,' " for more info.

  2. theeraser21

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    lol, Florio is a beast. You just can't attack the media like that. If you don't want to be called a db, 1.) delete your twitter account or 2.) act like a pro. Thats why it's called pro football. F;lorio should not write about you because you don't act like a pro. I am horrified by the way these "profesionals" handle themselves on twitter. The NFL needs to tighten their hold on player conduct on twitter. it just makes the players look bad.
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    PFT is a joke. Channing is supporting his alma mater against someone who was sturring up crap since he got the HC job.
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    Florio should also act and write like a professional...douche bag...really?
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    well you have a point there, but people don't give Florio enough credit. He breaks a lot of stuff.
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    Reporters are supposed to be unbiased and show no emotions towards the story. A completely unprofessional move be Florio.
  7. Dfence

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    Throw enough 'stuff' at the wall, and some of it will stick....
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    If I were a football player and a supposed professional journalist personally attacked me, I'd say the same damn thing.
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    isnt this the old idiot on NFL Network from time 2 time?
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    Mike Florio is o'k. He puts tongue in cheek all the time. Been doing it for years. Crap, I've been called worse things than a douche bag. :icon_cool:
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    i didnt know Crowder could read?
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    florio responds

    After reading the 106-and-counting comments to our entry regarding the implied desire of linebacker Channing Crowder to manually remove my head from its normal resting position, I've changed my mind.

    I will be heading to his house, and I will be knocking on the front door, and I will be asking whether Channing is ready to come out and play.

    Once one the front lawn, I'll tell him (as one reader suggested) that Terry Bradshaw is dead.

    And then when he says, "Really?", I'll jack him upside the head with a sock full of pennies.

    Yep, that's a damn good plan.
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    Wow...Florio said that? He's awfully arrogant.
  15. Mike

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    this is awsome

    florio and chandler will cross pathes eventuall