Dolphins Lift OG Richie Incognito's Suspension, Not Expected To Return To The Team

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    Richie Incognito’s nearly four-month suspension was lifted Tuesday — but he is no closer to returning to the Miami Dolphins.

    Word came on an otherwise quiet Tuesday afternoon, but context tells the true story: It was an administrative move that had long been planned.

    Incognito is in the final year of his contract, and is set to become a free agent in March. He is not expected to return.

    Source: Miami Herald
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    he will probably end up in dallas,cause they will sign anybody,and have experience with players that act like this,just ask michael irvin.
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    Come from a fan of the most notorious team for signing any random player they can
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    With the amount of help RG3-13 needs, I can actually see him a Skin
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    Someone will get a good price & a 'sanitized' version on his best behavior with all the eyes on him.

    Not a bad risk at all IMO...
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    i really do see him as a cowboy.he'd fit right in with the legends like 8 ball irvin,pac man jones,the guy named tank,and all the other cowboys who have either died as a result of drunk driving or been killed by a drug overdose.jerry jones deals so well with drunks and addicts cause he is one himself.
    "kevin man,like i told my homeboy jerry,if coke is a joke,wtf is the next line baby?"