Dolphins OG Richie Incognito Grievance Attacks OT Jonathan Martin's Strategy

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by markaz, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. markaz

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    Richie Incognito filed a grievance against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday, and a read through the four pages --obtained by NFL Media -- shows the suspended guard's legal team taking aim at the strategy employed by the camp of teammate Jonathan Martin.

    The grievance says in its introduction, "If any conduct has been detrimental to the team, it is the manner in which Mr. Martin's representatives, including Mr. (David) Cornwell on behalf of his client, have elected to vilify Mr. Incognito and the entire Dolphins organization in the court of public opinion."

    Incognito asked the neutral arbitrator, Jonathan Marks, for an expedited hearing and is tentatively scheduled for Thursday before Marks in South Florida, according to a source apprised of the schedule.


    markaz's Take: I don't see how the Dolphins even come close to winning this one. They've handled every aspect of this ongoing saga like crap since day one.
  2. TheSnowman

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    Classy attorneys attacking Martin now? That'll get ugly. If Incognito has beef it should be with the team that suspended him.
  3. DaBearsrule4ever

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    The more of this crap that is getting reported, the more I wonder why the Dolphins didn't just cut Incognito in the first place. It's not like he'll be back with the team next season anyway.
  4. markaz

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    That's why he filed the grievance against the Dolphins and why the Dolphins will probably take it in the shorts. The hell with the union and the CBA, this smells like it's headed to a courtroom in the future.
  5. TheSnowman

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    That's my point, if you have a grievance about the Dolphins, grieve about the Dolphins and focus on what was wrong about how they handled it, from your perspective. No support for this complaint comes from picking at how the player responded.
  6. Diesel44

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    ESPN is now saying that there are more instances of brutal hazing beyond martin's.
    Because of his reputation,Incognito's butt is grass,and the nfl is the lawnmower.
    i do not know about anybody else,but he is gonna be the scapegoat on the players side,and you can bet a coach or two will be made the scapegoats on the coaching staff. I hope for his own sake,the commish handles this better than he did that bullcrap with the saints players bounty scandal cause he made himself look like a total idiot when it came to player punishment.
  7. Tarkus

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    Yet it's still funny how this issue has been 'crafted' from the get-go.

    Bottom line is most of the direction has been about Incognito & that's more of a secondary issue. The Dolphin staff sicced the pit bull on Martin who apparently handled everything horrendously while seeming to have more issues outside of just Incognito. Can't be shocked that a pit bull does what a pit bull does.

    I'm waiting on the main event when it's all about the Dolphin organization/staff instead of about the 'tool' they used & without the Martin lawyer team's melodramatic picture of a scared, timid victim who was running for his life.