Dolphins OG Richie Incognito Sent Racially Charged Messages And Voicemails

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by markaz, Nov 4, 2013.

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    Multiple sources told Mike Garafolo of the Miami Dolphins and the NFL Players Association have been told guard Richie Incognito sent Martin text messages and left him voicemails that are both threatening and racially charged in nature.

    This new information resulted in the Dolphins changing their tone from claiming the organization was not notified of any bullying to saying the club would ask the NFL for help in investigating a matter the organization takes "very seriously" and finally to suspending Incognito indefinitely for "conduct detrimental to the team."

    Source: The Redzone

    markaz's Take: The team indefinitely suspending Incognito was a message in itself that this mystery goes well beyond calling somebody tubby or fatty. And for the Dolphins claiming they had no knowledge of bullying or anything else is just too hard to believe.
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    Re: Dolphins OG Incognito Sent Racially Charged Messages And Voicemails

    Where are all the people that was screaming for Riley Cooper to be thrown out of the NFL for what he did??? Richie is and always has been an butthole of mega proportions!
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    He should be suspended,and if there is evidence,arrested and convicted of stalking.
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    Re: Dolphins OG Incognito Sent Racially Charged Messages And Voicemails

    If all of this is true, what was in the texts and on voicemail will be made public and the same people may very well be looking for Richie's head once they know the facts.

    Regardless of the severity of the messages, what kind of an immature rod has to send this kind of crap? Being known as a dirty player and all the other attention this rod gets is seen by a lot of people as making him kinda cool. In reality, like Sweets says, the guy is nothing more than an oversized butthole. I'm kinda hoping the story is factual and the extent of which is so bad that this turd gets the boot from the NFL and/or that formal hate crime charges are levied against him.
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    Schefter tweeted the content of a voicemail, and if its accurate, Incognito is hecked
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    I remember earlier this year someone did story on Incognito about he this "reformed player" now. So much for that bullcrap.
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    reformed from an butthole to an even bigger butthole is more likely! If one of my kids did something like that,i'd be the 1st in line to crawl all over their ass!
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    I believe Richie Incognito's contract is up after this season. I can't see him returning the Dolphins next season. I also think he'll have a hard time signing with any team in the league during the offseason given his past history of behavior.
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    There's always the Raiders...
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    I Wonder if the dolphins and the league will call in the authorities in on this to see what laws are being broken if any?
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    and i also wonder if this kid is the only guy he harassed? where the hell were the other vetrans on that team that knew about this and refused to step in and put a stop to it before this got out of hand?
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    as i said in another thread, it is commonplace for rookies to pay for meals, carry the veterans bags, and go through some general hazing rituals (pranks, etc.). anyone who doesn't know this has never played on a sports team or been in a fraternity/sorority. i'm a little surprised that so many people in this country are freaking out about these very normal things.

    having said that, the news coming out today showing that richie continued to bully martin even after his rookie year and the things he apparently said go over the line and richie will pay the price for his actions.

    But, anyone freaking out about young guys paying for stuff, carrying bags, and generally getting pranked all the time don't know how a team (of any kind) is built. it makes me wonder how many people are living in bubbles? :scratch:
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    Hazing is a part of sports. I was hazed my freshman year in high school on the golf team. Yeah I know, football >>>>>>> golf but still, it builds camaraderie BUT if Incognito did all the things that have been reported, then that's way over the line..............
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    Exactly dude

    I remember after I made the 7th grade FB team, being hazed/initiated by the 8th graders. I had two cousins on the 8th gated team and they went above and beyond the other team mates. Same thing happened 2 yrs later after I made the high school team.

    I was also on JROTC and we had our own methods of hazing and crap. We had a couple of guys that didn't like it. Our DI(instructor) pretty much told him to heck off and grow a pair.

    I know it's not the nfl but this starts at young.

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    This is not hazing I played football from the time I was 6yrs old-19yrs old in college. The text message that was released on espn has nothing to do with hazing that is harassment. You could even say it was racism.

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