Dolphins On The Verge Of Hiring Jim Harbaugh As Head Coach?

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by BigBlueBruiser, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. The Red

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    Couldn't agree more
  2. Walnuts

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    Why is it too much for an unproven HC? Unproven PLAYERS get twice that, and a coach has a far greater impact on the success or failure of a franchise than ANY individual player.
  3. Sweets

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    I think even the rookie QB gets way too much..But for my team to spend $8M on a who knows coach is ridiculous and frankly I'm sick of ridiculous when the 49ers are concerned. Alex Smith wasn't worth his money and neither is Harbaugh...if he turns out to be great and Miami has him, well power to em.
  4. bigsexyy81

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    You don't see anyone here saying that the ridiculous money for those unproven players is fair, do you? EVERYONE but the players are for a rookie cap.

    Good point about the coach, but $8,000,000 is fairly ludicrous. But hell, I'd take it and run if I were him.
  5. 86WARD

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    Stephen Ross is going about this totally the wrong way. He's just totally roding Sporano over. I mean, at least fire the guy and then go do what you got to do...

    I wonder how the other 31 owners feel about him offering $8M to an unproven "College Coach?" Props to Harbaugh though...get what you can...why the heck not...

    btw - Rooney Rule? Does it not apply to Ross? lol...
  6. Walnuts

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    If he's throwing 8 mil at a coach, he probably wont mind eating the 500,000 fine for Rooney violation too much.
  7. 86WARD

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  8. Denver is now trying to set up an interview with Harbaugh......this whole thing is nuts.
  9. Miami may screw themselves royally here......

    Adam Schefter:
  10. bambam

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    Like Axion said, they probably don't care about the fine or the bad rep if they can get their second choice. I find it interesting that they're willing to offer him $1 mil more than Gruden who was their first choice...
  11. What Miami is doing is crapty and I think Harbaugh is seeing that.

    He's probably thinking Ross could do the same to him in a few can't rule that out.
  12. 86WARD

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    If I'm Harbaugh, that's my first question to Ross in the interview...what the heck is up with Sparano?