Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross Upset After Loss, Will Re-Evaluate Coach, GM

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    He stayed upstairs for nearly 30 minutes after this miserable meltdown ended, but when Dolphins owner Stephen Ross finally exited his elevator to leave Sun Life Stadium on Sunday, the disappointment had yet to settle. Pacing toward the exit, Ross wore a scowl similar to those worn by the thousands of other fans around him after a 34-27 loss to the Lions. Unlike those fans, though, Ross now faces some very tough decisions. "You've seen what's going on, you know?'' Ross told The Miami Herald. Here's what's going on: The Dolphins tied a franchise record for the most losses at home in a single season at 1-7 as boos rained down on players after a disastrous 17-point fourth-quarter swing. "I feel as frustrated as any fan,'' Ross reiterated. He declined to discuss the futures of coach Tony Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland, instead saying that he's "starting to evaluate now.'' "We should all be embarrassed,'' Sparano said.

    Source: Jeff Darlington, Miami Herald
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  2. interesting. I think Ireland deserves to stay though.

    I could see Sparano getting the boot.
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    Hello Bill Cowher!
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    i feel for coach sparano, but we need to get some bite back so i can see the coach getting the sack and we need somebody that will add attitude to the team to get us going again, our defense isnt bad at all but the offense stinks at times, we need to make some tough decisions from ronnie browns future to the QB'S

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    I can't believe Miami lost that many at home. Tha's totally weird. I don't think Sparano gets the axe this year, but no improvement next year, he's toast. Miami isn't that bad of a team, that needs a rebuild job. They need to pick up a few free agents, have a decent draft, and find a freaking decent QB.
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    Fire Dan Henning and half the offensive problems are solved.
  7. he is retiring fyi
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    Sources say he is and nothing is for sure until he is gone. FYI Favre retired too.
  9. yeah but Favre had a history of changing his mind. I don't believe Henning does. Plus he is VERY likely to get fired if he doesn't retire.
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    exactly why I posted what I did. He needs to be gone one way or another.
  11. and he will don't worry. :icon_smile:
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    I have too worry, I'm a jew. But Ireland needs to stay. He has found talent. Sparano is most likely gone. He has had questionable decisions the past three years.