Dolphins QB John Beck Inspired To Stay Positive

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    Don't laugh when John Beck says he'll make it someday. He thinks that somewhere down the road, "next year, two years, five years I'm going to get an opportunity," he says. "I've just got to be ready for it." He went from being labeled The Future to The Past about as quick as the Dolphins changed regimes. He goes from one Sunday where the Dolphins met his former supporter, Cam Cameron, to the next where they play the now-starring quarterback who was drafted behind him, Buffalo's Trent Edwards. "Steve Young," he says. "He played a little with Tampa Bay. Then they drafted Vinny [Testaverde]. So Steve goes to San Francisco where he sat behind Joe Montana. Now he's in the Hall of Fame. " Brett Favre," he says. "He goes to Green Bay and sits behind Don Majkowski. Remember him? The Magic Man? He gets hurt one day, then Favre goes in and never comes out."

    Source: NFL's QB reclamations inspire Beck to be positive -- South Florida