Dolphins RB Ricky Williams Not Ruling Out Returning To Miami

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  1. Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams took to the airwaves on the Sid Rosenberg Show on 560 WQAM on Monday after a two-week absence. Do you miss football at all? Because it's been about a month since you played football. You don't miss it, do you? "It's interesting. When you're in the midst of a season, you kind of blend in and you melt in to the season and kind of forget everything else. And, so, I flew to San Francisco last week and I stayed in Berkeley. And, so I was walking around Berkeley and I still, I think when I first got there, I was still in football-season mode, and it was weird. Because in Berkeley, no one cares about football, and so I'm kind of walking around, kind of in a daze for a day. And then I snapped out of it, and I had a blast. They had this nice Whole Foods in the middle of Berkeley and I would go to that Whole Foods at least 2-3 times a day." Did anybody bother you? "Nobody. The people in Berkeley, the only thing they are interested in is my ESPN 30 For 30 [documentary film]. And, so, I had maybe 4-5 people come up and say I really appreciate who you are as a human being. To me, that was awesome." Are you ready to play one more season? "I'm excited. I'm excited about it. I think, coming into the season, I had a lot of questions about my future about whether my body, whether my mind could take another season. But I'm the kind of guy where I'm always trying to figure things out, always try to learn more. And I think this past year, I got a good idea of the right formula for me to stay healthy, to stay happy and to stay successful. And if I can do those things, I want to keep playing this game." Have you given a thought to where you will play next year? "No." Can I give you one scenario? Jason Taylor may be leaving the Jets. He's got a beautiful apartment in the city. So my thing is, being that Jason's wife and your wife are good friends, she should call her tonight and say, 'Listen, don't rent the apartment. Maybe I can use it next year.' The Jets are not going to pay LaDainian Tomlinson $3 million. They've got two young guys in Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight. They need a veteran presence. What better... who more cultured than Ricky Williams to spend a year in New York City? "OK. I'm going to try to think, what would [agent] Drew [Rosenhaus] say right now? Drew would say, 'You know what, buddy? You've got as lot of options. Keep an open mind. I'm going to talk to a bunch of teams. But, right now, don't close any doors." People have asked me about the door down here. After your comments a couple weeks ago [which were critical of the Dolphins and coach Tony Sparano], do you still think there's a possibility you play with the Dolphins? "I think there's definitely a possibility."

    Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel
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