Dolphins S Don Jones Fined For Michael Sam Tweet

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by Mike, May 12, 2014.

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    The St. Louis Rams and defensive end Michael Sam made history on Saturday afternoon during the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Draft. St. Louis selected Sam, officially making him the first openly gay NFL player. Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones failed to appreciate that moment, taking to twitter to voice his displeasure with Sam kissing his boyfriend in celebration.

    Jones tweeted "omg" and when asked if it was in reference to Sam's kiss, tweeted "horrible." The Dolphins responded swiftly, fining Jones an undisclosed amount and suspending him from all team activities until he completes education training for his conduct.
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    So it begins...
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    It's a phucking shame that he got fined. Dudes tweet wasn't even bad
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    With all the sh!t that's said on the field, what happens if/when some opponent calls him a f*g?
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    Whoa...triple post...that wasn't me...I swear
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    They get
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    there. fixed it for you.
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    He just mad it was a white dude.
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    Dude may be kind of a stretch.
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    ESPN should be fined for subjecting Americans to such disgraceful imagery
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    man the Lez Gay community has some pull..

    just wait, if that dude don't make the team the Rams will be in for it...
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    Unless he gets a lot better,he is not gonna make the team. like you said kurt,the crap will hit the fan then!
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    would have been funnier if he went to the Packers. Talk about the endorsement possibilities.