Dolphins Sign LB Karlos Dansby To A Five-Year, $43M Deal

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  1. Karlos Dansby and the Dolphins agreed to terms on a five-year contract that will make the free agent the highest-paid linebacker in the NFL, according to a league source. Dansby's deal is worth a maximum of $43 million, with $22 million guaranteed and will average $9 million over the first three years of the contract. The Cardinals were making a strong push to retain the six-year veteran, who the team drafted in the second round in 2004, but Miami's offer apparently was too enticing for Dansby to pass up.

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    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    I would like to make a prediction..
    The Arizona Cardinals will sign Kirk Morrison AND trade for Michael Huff.

    Good sign by the Dolphins!
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    I just came. And it was 8 million less than what "experts" said it would take.

    JASON4RMLA Go Kings!!

    It looks like you guys won't be drafting Rolando McClain, Yall should trade for Nnamdi!
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    Congrats, mj. For some odd reason seems you guys were the only real bidders. Hope this takes you guys out of the LB running 1st-round draft.

    All the original report ever said was Dansby was eying a 30mil contract.
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    I said the original report, as that's the "so called expert". Everything else was just piggy backing that report.

    Cardinals will not place franchise tag on Karlos Dansby, according to team source
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    But that said 30 guaranteed too. I'm so confuesed and happy at the same time.
  10. Congrats MJ!

    I love Dansby, but it appears that were leaning towards upgrading at Safety in Free Agency and Linebacker through the draft. We should be reaching a deal with Rolle before the end of this evening.

    Your getting a heck of a player and Dansby should thrive in Miami's 3-4. Tuna loves his Linebackers and is getting a good one.
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    My nipples are so hard right now.:icon_redface:
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    Yea but the original said "Dansby, a second-round draft pick by the Cardinals in 2004, is said to be eyeing a contract that guarantees him around $30 million."

    No one pulled some expert prediction out their butt. That's my point.

    ...but who cares. Be happy. :icon_smile:

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    Not to be a rod...but Taylor Mays did not run a 4.24 in the 40...that was unofficial timing. His official time was like 4.43.
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    we need all the defensive help we can get, getting dansby is an excellent start but we need lots more talent before we become a good defense! roll on the draft and lets see defensive selections mount up and we can become a contender next year
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    Congrats Miami. Now, for some receivers...
  16. Dansby!

    I Cant Wait To See Him Play For Us!
    Can U Imagine How Awesome Our Defense Would Be If Porter Wasnt Released!
    Porter And Dansby Together Would Be Awesome But That's Never Gunna Happen! :(
    I Want Porter Back!
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    Joey Porter is an overrated big mouth that we don't need Charlie Anderson did very good the couple games he started... lookin forward to see what are draft looks like
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    mj DID call dibs
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    Off topic for a second.

    turn caps lock off.
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    For the second time... that was for Rolle, no Dansby.