Dolphins To Pursue WR Miles Austin?

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by SRW, Dec 20, 2009.

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    I'm a jew, I am very good with money. Austin has been very humble about all of his success thus far, it could be a show, but considering a team stuck with him for three years befor this season I doubt it.
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    lol.... Guess we will see what happens....Happy Hanukkah
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    With a cap, Spears and Sensibaugh are the only key FA's and both may walk, but there probobly isnt gonna be a cap

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    The thing with Austin is that he came into the NFL an athlete, not really a player. One of the reason that he was able to develope IMO is that he became a role player off the bat (KR), he could use his physical ability and get used to the speed of the NFL game without exposing himself.

    He did that for a year, got worked into the offence a bit his second year as a deep decoy (got more yards due to PI's than receptions, I wanna say he had 4). Last season he was on the cusp of taking the starting job from Crayton before he got hurt, and when he cam back Williams was in town, so he didnt have much of a role (he is not a natural slot WR like Crayton which is why he struggled earlier in the year) could go either way with that assesment. He was a key reserve before this season, but a no one and the larger scale. One of those guys well known to the teams fans, but not really known outside of that fanbase

    You have to gamble with guys like put his numbers up. You may win, you may lose, but if you dont make the move and he walks, you lose anyway's. Your gonna pay an unknown a decent coin to replace him, and waste a high draft pick in the proccess, one that would be better served elswhere
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    Austin has 65 catches for 1.1K and 11TD's

    None of the non starters are capable of sniff that, and the odds of you getting that production with a rookie is very slim. Austin may never duplicat those numbers (Im guess he winds up with about 75 catches for 1,300), but he has a better chance than what we will have access to
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    the after party.