Dolphins Trade WR Ted Ginn To The 49ers

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  1. The Miami Dolphins has traded former first-round pick wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. to San Francisco, has learned. With the addition of Ginn, the 49ers now have two former top-10 picks among their receivers with Michael Crabtree drafted No. 10 last year. Ginn, the No. 9 pick in 2007, has not emerged as a top-flight WR in his first three years and has averaged just 43 catches per season and has just five career TD receptions.

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  2. mj1987us26

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    for what?
  3. mtzninersfan

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    WOOHOO!!!! Ginn for a late round draft pick! Return game is taken care of!
  4. SoDev

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  5. According to Glazer via twitter, a late round draft pick in this years draft.

    Jay Glazer:
  6. mj1987us26

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    I woulden't get all that excited. Ginn's first move is to run out of bounds. Outside of the Jets game last season he was nothing on his returns.
  7. Lord_Joe

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    Lol @ Holmes =Ginn in value.
  8. Saintsfan1972

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    i think the 9ers got a steal
  9. Crowned

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    Could be a solid move for the 49ers, special teams help and still could grow into a damn good receiver.
  10. CStevenson13

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    I agree to an extent, he still has upside as a WR but i dont kno about damn good, he could be pretty good tho. This helps the Niners because they had nothing in the return game.
  11. Crowned

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    I mean he won't be better than Crabtree of course but they have Morgan starting on the other side, if they use Ginn speed effectively in the slot and not to mention Vernon Davis still lined up at tight end and a healthy Frank Gore in the backfield this could be a headache for defensive coordinator. If Alex Smith can't get it together this year with the weapons provided he's just not ever going to make it in this league.
  12. Sweets

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    Ginn's numbers in the return game is great compared to the pathetic numbers that Battle put up when he actually caught the kick...
  13. Walnuts

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    Ginn doesn't really return punts and aside from what, 1 amazing quarter with the 2 KR's, he wasn't much of a kick returner. He's as soft as ice cream left outside in August and while he is blazing fast, he can't catch the ball for the life of him.

  14. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    His 2007 numbers for KR was over 1400 yds., his 2009 numbers for KR was over 1200 yds, I don't know Axion looks like he returns quite a few KR to me, am I missing something?
    Here's his numbers for KR broken down, he's got Battle beat by a mile
  15. bambam

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    Awesome move! Instead of going after a returner in the 3rd, we get one with the 5th round pick. I'll take it, and yes he could definitely grow as a wr given the RIGHT coaching.
  16. Sweets

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  17. bambam

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    lol @ sweets
  18. Walnuts

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    It's his KR average that makes him average, not total yards. I never said he didn't return a lot of kicks, just that he wasn't anything special at doing so. 24 and change per kick puts him in the middle of the pack, behind such luminaries as Eric Weems, Lardarius Webb, Stefan Logan and Courtney Roby.
  19. DontKnowMe

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