Donovan McNabb Open To Bring Terrell Owens To Washington

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by BigBlueBruiser, Apr 20, 2010.

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    i read a cowboys article saying how Jerruh was concerned due to Skins/Eagles getting better in the offseason and we havent did anything to get better. But in it, they mentioned the Redskins reaching out to Terrell to work him out.
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    McNabb is open to bringing TO to Washington???


    FYI, stop the derailing of this thread damn it, you wanna call people out you know where to go.
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    I sure do hate your team but damnit if I don't agree with alot of what you post. I'm SO sick of reading about balls in the dirt and nobody acknowledging all the yards, TDs, division titles, playoff wins, all while protecting the ball better then almost any other QB in history.
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    Called It...
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    ok redskins you've done enough you don't need to
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    Jason Reid of The Washington Post is now reporting this:

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    lmao...gone from marriage break up to getting back together.
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    Buzz Kill...
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    The I called it post was really lame to begin with, but now it just extra failolicous.
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    This & riic.
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    :icon_rolleyes:From what I saw on NFL Network,right after the trade in an interview D McNabb said that to act like the bigger man.:icon_rolleyes::icon_rolleyes:
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    No he's not

    Take away the SF game in 08 when he blew up , and what he did in Buffalo is about what he did in Dallas in 2008 on a top 10 passing offense