Donovan McNabb Says "It's Hilarious" He Didn't Know Redskins Playbook

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    By talent you mean...???

    Some guy named Montana didn't have a lot to work with in KC - Marcus Allen and then nothing. Randall Cunningham...very little to work with in Philadelphia. Both of those teams had killer defenses but not a lot to work with on offense. Tom Brady didn't have a lot to work with early on.

    Depends on what you mean by "talent around him." If you mean skill positions, Montana, Cunningham and Brady had little to nothing to work with. Their O-Lines were decent though.
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    i guess you missed the key word in my statement which was "consistently" but that's ok, your examples are easily disputed IMO.

    go check some stats my man. montana joined a k.c. team that was already a playoff regular and had talent on offense both at the skilled position and o-line. he had good wr's as well, not jerry rice like but davis was pretty good and as you said he had marcus allen who was out to prove al davis was an butthole which he did.

    randall had very little to work with ? really ? so fred barnett & calvin williams sucked at wr ? keith byars and keith jackson stunk as well ? interesting.
    no, randall's issue was the o-line which was prutrid and tossed out any chance for a running game but he had a ton of talent to pass to.

    mcnabb does have "some" talent at the skilled positions right now but IMO nothing close to what any of the three qb's you pointed out had plus yes, the skins o-line sucks.

    now i am not saying mcnabb shouldn't take blame for his poor play, i am just pointing out that the skins are an absolute mess and they have been for years and for someone to say that reid's system is the only reason he ever amounted to anything is over the top silly.
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    I'd wouldn't call Fred Barnett and Calvin Williams overly "talented." Obviously they have some talent being in the NFL and they were productive, however, I think some of the receivers of the other two guys you mentioned had some talent as well. Willie Davis and JJ Birden...wouldn't call them overly talented either. Probably less talented than Henry Ellard which Heath Shuler had and probably less than or equal to the production of Kevin Johnson, Dennis Northcutt, Quincy Morgan without looking...

    I can't argue with the Redskins being a mess and agree it's silly to think he didn't have talent when he was with the Eagles.

    I don't want you to think that I'm comparing Shuler and Couch with Montana, McNabb, Brady and Cunningham. But I do think the receivers and backs production and talent on those teams were very similiar...give or take...