Donovan McNabb Says "Things Like That" Happen In Philadelphia

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  1. It's difficult to find someone who doesn't hold an opinion of the quarterback flip-flop in Philadelphia, and Andy Reid's decision to ride the hot hand of Michael Vick over the recently concussed Kevin Kolb. Donovan McNabb was asked his opinion on Wednesday and did his best to stay out of it. "My focus has been over here," McNabb told reporters. "Really, everything that's going on over there is none of my concern. Anything I may say at this point really doesn't matter." McNabb couldn't help himself, though, offering one veiled shot. "That's Philadelphia," McNabb said when asked if he recognizes the irony involved. "Things like that happen. I've been a part of that for 11 years and, obviously, as you see, it just doesn't stop."

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    More accurate then It's Always Sunny
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    where's the part where he said it's not something that is thinking about, he needs to be thinking about his current team, then throws the snide comment in the end, just like ALWAYS. The Eagles backed him up in every situation over the years and even traded him to a team he wanted to go to and he has the class to make comments like this. More proof that Donavon is a classless hecktard and will no doubt lose the respect of his current team like he throughout his career in Philly. You don't say you have no comment and then throw a backhanded comment out there like he was throwing his teammates under the bus.
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    TheDuke Breast Man players run an organization? Did McNabb call out the team? No. He said that stuff like this happens all the time in Philly. News Flash, it does! January, 2010 Andy Reid says Donovan McNabb is the starter for the 2010 season then what? Traded in division to the Skins! Was McNabb happy, sure. He gets to terrorize the Eagles D twice a year. But in no way is this back handed or undermining of his team. A blind man can see the Eagles are in rough shape in the Front Office.
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    This is spot on. I really am freaking glad he is gone.

    'That will happen'... if you won a Super Bowl it wouldn't have.
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    Wait...we're not talking about Donovan McNabb? Man, I bet that Donavon guy is a real pr**k! Even he see's that this team is run by this Kangacoon!!

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    You're drunk, aren't ya Duke?
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    What is hecktarded is some fans irrational vitriol towards and hatred of the greatest QB in their team's history who gave them over a decade of elite level NFL competition. Maybe this next decade of mediocrity and failure to even make the playoffs will show some of the morons how good they had it.
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    Oh yeah, ALL the time. So how many times did McNabb play the revolving quarterback game in his 11-years in Philly? Never. He's still crying over being benched for a half in Baltimore.
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    I think it's more about being traded.... but either way he's not crying.

    KISSman.....still cracks me up!
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    Agreed. I think McNabb was dead on here.
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    You guys are happy he's gone, we're happy he's here.

    THE END.
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    Things like that do happen in philadelphia always some kind of drama going on.
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    I'm not : (
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    I wouldent mind having mcnabb back but im fine with vick to.
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    He may have been an integral part of the successes we had, but he was also a major part of the reason we didn't win it all. Some fans want to have an approach one way and then with McNabb have the opposite approach. I don't give a heck about people's hypocrisy. McNabb wasn't going to play for 100 more years, it was the end, he wanted out and he got his wish. He's a mealy mouth bastard that acts like a high and mighty and then throws people under the bus. Probably the main reason he will never win it because he's two faced and always burns bridges.
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    He didn't want out. A moronic shortsighted fanbase pressured a moronic shortsighted front office to ship him out when he was still a great QB
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    He screwed over his team and knew that his teammates didn't respect him, pretty much like the players have throughout his career. This time, he was old and the youth of the team wanted someone who wouldn't take all the credit for wins and toss all the blame for losses. His contract was up and his time here was winding down. It was a smart business move to get picks for someone who was on his way out anyway. Your blind love for a guy that could give two craps about you is unbelievable. Thanks for the Great memories, but a change was needed for all.
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    What a sad little fantasy world you have imagined to justify your irrational hatred. Like you have a freaking clue what the entire team thought about 5. How's that change you think was needed treating you? I certainly don't sense any increase in frustration or anger in your posts.