Donte Stallworth Could Avoid DUI Manslaughter Charge

Discussion in 'Cleveland Browns' started by MediaGuy, May 21, 2009.

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    dawk, i know all that, i am speaking mainly on the public opinion out there on these situations and what the nfl should do about vick. by a gigantic margin more people are more up in arms over vick. put aside the legal ramifications and/or loopholes that determined the actual conviction on little and what may happen to stalworth, again i am focusing on the public outcry for vick's head compared to a mere "meh" on little and stallworth. i just don't get that.

    and as far as the law is concerned - both little and stallworth "knowingly" broke a law by driving a car under the influence. the two deaths are a result of those decisions.
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    I think the public outcry was louder over Vick because he's a much larger celebrity than Little and Stallworth. Housewives know who Vick is. Plus it's not a standard crime that you hear a lot about. Someone of Vick's stature doing something so cruel to animals shocked a lot of people.
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    which proves my point that the public has their priorities mixed up. celebrity over humanity.
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    I think it has more to do with the amount of thought and effort involved in each situation than celebrity. With Michael Vick, he didn't make a bad decision one night and get caught attending a dog fight. He ran an organized criminal operation and he knew exactly what he was doing. Then he lied about it. Repeatedly.
    $$$tealworth can be viewed as a guy who made a mistake by drinking and driving, but a guy jumped out in front of him. He stopped, called 911, and pretty much did everything right after the fact. Those are mitigating factors.
    People can envision something like that happening to them (without the DWI at least). Plus, the victim's family can speak out in the Stallworth case. The dogs can't speak for themselves. Add it all up and it's easier to be righteous about Michael Vick.
    Doesn't make it right. Just sayin'....