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    Couple of questions regarding my draft occurring on Aug 25th. I'm in the 6 hole of a 14 team PPR league (check profile for details). Our league awards 6 pts for a touchdown pass, based on this should I draft a QB early? Also our defense (team) starts with 10 pts. Does this put a higher emphasis on drafting a defense early? Lastly the 6 hole is tricky even in the 1st rd. Based on your drafting strategies that I draft highest value available for the 1st 3 rds and fill in the blanks later, correct? thx much
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    the short answer is no, don't draft QB super early. Look at ADP to get an idea of when a player may be drafted.

    Value simply indicates how much value that players has over the other players at said position. So its a ranking based on your league settings.

    It doesn't indicate when to draft them. Why draft someone in the 2nd round (just because they have high value) when you can have them in the 4th round.

    For example. Mahomes has a very high value, but his ADP is 35, which is the 3rd round. This means he is probably going to be drafted at some point in the 3rd round.. Then look at Matt Ryan, who can be had in the 7th/8th round and his value is only 60 points lower than Mahomes, which equates to roughly 3.75 more fantasy points per game. 60 / 16 (games) = 3.75 points

    The value number was a way for me to try and help people quickly identify, when compared to ADP, if they should pass on a player and draft a similar one at a much later round.

    I recommend for people to print off a cheat sheet for each position sorted by FP. Then just make sure not to "reach" (draft to soon) by targeting high FP/value players around their ADP. This ensures your don't draft the wrong guys at the wrong point in the draft.
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    thx Kurt, appreciate it.
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    Hi Kurt,

    Question regarding the draft. As mentioned I'm drafting in the 6 hole of a 14 team PPR League. I prefer to draft a RB's in the first 2 rds. I just finished reading an article that suggest L. Bell is a good selection. I was actually targeting D. Johnson in the 1st rd. Their fantasy pts, value and ADP are close, so who do you favor? thx
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    DJ plays for an up tempo coach that got fired from his last college... just saying. We all expect great things out of AZ and that could happen for sure.. but a new coach with a rookie QB could spell disaster. You want to risk your first pick on this?

    L. Bell didn't play last year and was already fairly injury prone having only one 16 game season under his belt...

    If I have to choose between the 2 I'd go with DJ.

    But I'd be fine with Hopkins if Barkey, McCaffrey, Kamara are off the board. On the swing back you could get your 2 RB's at pick 23 and 30 with D Cook then Freeman or Fournette in the 3rd. Just gotta play it by ear. Have you drafted with this league before? Do people tend to go RB heavy the 1st 2 rounds?
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    Yes been with this league a number of years and yes it's RB heavy. Hopkins is going to be a beast just need to adjust my draft strategy. Of the big 4 the only one that may come my way would be Zeke and I got burned by drafting L. Bell last year and I don't want that again. I realize that the Cowboys have Zeke by the short ones in that he is locked in for the next 3 years but still uncertain about it. Thoughts?
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    If you draft Zeke you'll have to draft Tony Pollard too.. some smart ass will move early to block you possibly.. who knows what Zeke will do but I think the team will hold.

    Bell had a full season to refresh his body and love for the game.. plenty of positives working in his favor. Gurley has dropped into the second round, not sure that helps you in the 6 spot but it's something to consider. Speaking of Pollard, Austin Ekeler could bring a tremendous value if the Gordon holdout continues... who knows what Gordon will do but I think the team will hold.

    Take a look at my RB sleeper list in the members section for more mid to late round RBs. This way if you are left with garbage in rounds 1,2 and 3... you know how to play make up later.
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    thx Kurt. So it seems that L Bell, DJ and Zeke have concerns. So I'll go with Hopkins unless something crazy happens.