Eagles At Browns

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Who will win this game?

  1. Eagles

  2. Browns

  1. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    It's week 1. Everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt

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  2. cpgobrowns

    cpgobrowns < Deer/Headlights

    There is no reason for Weeden to be starting that game. None.
  3. SRW

    SRW Ex-World's Worst Site Admin

    Weeden was outmatched all day. I know McCoy isn't 'the' guy, but he would have been better than that.
  4. cpgobrowns

    cpgobrowns < Deer/Headlights

    Exactly. If McCoy got beat out for the starting job and Weeden played like that, I'd say we're hecked entirely. But it was obvious to anyone watching preseason that Weeden's not ready. How does letting McCoy have his first off-season with the same offense hurt?
  5. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

    The Eagles defense looked good, but Weeden did miss some open receivers. Vick made a ton of mistakes, and I don't see that getting better from him. It's hard to coach 'stupid'. With his job on the line I would have thought the Walrus would make sure Shady got more touches. There will be no parade again.
  6. bigsexyy81

    bigsexyy81 Muffin Top

    Not with Vick behind center, Dunlap struggling, and McCoy not getting enough carries... no.

    But no biggie. We're used to no parade.
  7. Omen

    Omen Speeling Be Champions Staff Member

    Snowman does agree with ya

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  8. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    What a joke? The Browns gave up on Colt McCoy for this? I really don't think McCoy got beat out, more like they just handed it over to their big 1st Round pick from the offseason. Wasn't one of the reasons Weeden was attractive to teams in the draft was his Maturity, experience, and the fact that the NFL learning curve for him would be minimal? He could step onto a team, be a starter from day 1 and lead an offense.

    McCoy may have limited arm strength but he's a much much better option at this point for the Browns. I don't recall him throwing 4 picks in a game at any time for the Browns.

    Greg Little.... LOL. The Linebacker who dropped the sure pick to finish off the eagles. HAH. Fort?

    Positives to take away from this game if your a Browns fan?

    Haden played well.
    Benjamin looks like a nice little elusive shifty WR.

    Eagles/Vick HAH?

    No hunt? :(

    I didn't watch much of the game but those are my expert opinions.

    you and your freaking devices omen... :eek:a02:
  9. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    oh oh oh, i hope this hasn't been posted yet. LMAO!

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntbe_YgPP9M&feature=player_embedded]Brandon Weeden - Cleveland Browns QB Quarterback Flag Fail - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Dragonite

    Dragonite Simply Arrogant!

  11. TheDuke

    TheDuke Breast Man

    It's 0kay though since the Browns are getting a new owner right? And then they're hiring Joe Banner to let someone else do all the work and be a poster boy for the team like he did in Philly.
  12. Dragonite

    Dragonite Simply Arrogant!

    I'm just saying that if Colt McCoy started this game and the D played like that the Browns win.

    At least the D looks stellar in Cleveland.
  13. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    vick is holding this offense back so much. look at his turnover stats from the last 20 games. absolutely dreadful and many coming in the red-zone.

    the only difference yesterday near the end of the game to the past times with mcnabb is that ronde barder, aeneas willams & rodney harrison didn't drop easy picks to end the game.

    same HC, same old warts. pathetic turnovers plus undiscilplined play resulting in drive killing penalties.
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  14. TheDuke

    TheDuke Breast Man

    And next week when Vick throws for 300 yards with 3 TD's and no picks everyone will be back on his rod. blah blah blah.
  15. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    maybe you will be but most fans at this point realize yesterday is pretty much the norm for vick.
  16. bigsexyy81

    bigsexyy81 Muffin Top

    What I posted yesterday in the Eagles thread:
  17. The Sith

    The Sith 1st Stringer

    Eagles should hide their faces in shame after that pathetic performance. I fear the worst is yet to come because teams will copy the Browns defensive game plan.
  18. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

    The Eagles had over 400 yards of offense. It wasn't like the Browns did anything special. It was just Vick making stupid mistakes, and Andy/Marty making a dumber one by not running the ball more.
  19. bigsexyy81

    bigsexyy81 Muffin Top

    True, but what blows is those people are incapable of NOT doing those things.
  20. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    one thing is for sure this week. our tailgate will be epic.