Eagles Not Actively Shopping WR DeSean Jackson?

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by 86WARD, Mar 18, 2014.

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    At this point, it's somewhat telling that Chip hasn't gone public with an endorsement of him and Howie is adamant about not committing to him or saying he isn't going anywhere. For awhile I thought it was all BS, feeling he is on his way out now. Perhaps this was the intention all along with the Sproles acquisition.

    Having mixed feelings about it. I was wondering how the offense would manage to utilize all of the players and get everyone enough touches, especially when you add Maclin and Sproles to the mix. You still would have Copper, Maclin, Ertz, Celek, Sproles, and McCoy to distribute to, but WR3 and beyond is seriously lacking. Would obviously address in the draft, but not sure what the benefit is here unless they want to use that $10,000,000 elsewhere or want to get larger WRs in general.
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    He's due $10, his cap number is $12. And it'd be a $6 mil cap hit to get rid of him.
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    Yup. Which means he's not staying.
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    which is why any team that trades for him is going to have to redo his existing deal.

    personally i think this whole thing stinks. i like jackson, sure he's a diva but the guy's been money for the team.

    has to be some major crap going on behind the scenes. doesn't make sense otherwise.
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    Not necessarily true. $10 mil a year for what a team would consider to be a game changer, they could take that on. They'd prefer to redo his deal but DeSean likely won't unless it meant more money this year (because that's all he ever thinks about).

    Interesting tidbits: http://www.csnphilly.com/football-philadelphia-eagles/6-reasons-eagles-should-trade-desean-jackson
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    disagree. $10mil is a big cap number no matter what plus a big part of the issue is he (desean)wants a new deal with more guaranteed money. (yep no surprise) no team is going to trade for him unless they can get a new deal done with him.
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    Looks like Chip is a team first type of coach.
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    As opposed to?
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    Jerry Jones.
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    oh no you didin
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    At his breakfast meeting with the press at the league meetings, Kelly said he "likes DeSean, but we are going to do what's best for the team."

    Which pretty much means he's as good as gone.
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    maybe but kelly has had the same exact response for any question about whether a player will be back or not.

    the eagles are not moving him unless at least a 2nd rounder comes along and that isnt happening IMO.
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    well now we have four players that have basically let on that jackson is a problem. vick, cole, maclin, heremans.

    so really at this point there is no mystery as to why the eagles are trying to get rid of him.
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    @AdamSchefter: Despite shopping him and finding interest, Eagles have made decision to cut WR DeSean Jackson. Outright. Jackson is now a free agent.
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    this kid is bad news. the football fan in me says freak him. the person says i hope he wakes up before its too late.