Eagles' Patterson Arrested

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    Eagles' Patterson arrested

    by John Nalbone Friday February 22, 2008, 7:20 PM

    Eagles defensive tackle Mike Patterson was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana under 50 grams, according to a press release obtained from the Evesham Township Police Department yesterday.

    Patterson, the team's first-round pick (31st overall) in the 2005 NFL Draft, was taken into custody Feb. 16 after the car he had been operating was approached by police investigating an apparent disabled motor vehicle at 6:06 a.m. on Hopewell Road in the township.

    Patterson, 24, and his brother, Tyrone, 28, were inside when officers smelled what appeared to be burning marijuana coming from within the car, which was spotted on the side of the road with visible damage caused by a minor motor vehicle accident.

    According to the police report, Patterson admitted the drug was his and was arrested without incident. Subsequent background checks revealed that Tyrone Patterson, who lives with the Eagles' starting tackle on John James Audobon Way in Evesham, had several minor outstanding warrants for his arrest.

    As police were conducting their investigation, Tyrone Patterson resisted arrest and had to be physically removed from the scene.
    Mike Patterson was charged on a summons of possession and released pending his appearance in court on a date not specified on the press release.

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    Way to go, Mike!
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    Is that his second offense? I don't recall him being in any trouble before, but why bother writing this if he hasn't...

    ...it's just assinine to write that if it's his first offense...
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    wtf - he didn't share?
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    He shared with Tyrone.
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    freaking idiot.

    why do these dopes drive while they are partying ????