Eagles RB Brian Westbrook Will Try Out New DNA Helmet

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by Sweets, Dec 15, 2009.

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    The Eagles quietly confirmed that they anticipate Eagles running back Brian Westbrook playing next weekend against the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field. Only a medical setback would keep Westbrook — who has sustained two concussions this season — from returning to action, Sunday night Westbrook sat out his fourth straight game. Westbrook is trying out the DNA helmet that according to reports uses the same shock-absorbing technology used to protect Army paratroopers and Navy SEALS. The DNA is more rounded and bulbous than a conventional helmet and it’s engineered to turn hits into glancing blows, lessening the chance of concussions, the interior of the helmet also has added cushioning.

    Source: Delco Times
  2. SoDev

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    This one would look badass!


    ...but I assume it's this one...

  3. russian.tank

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    I like the first one better
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    lol thats kinda sad...hes the one in the special helmet.

    Just stay down and get better.
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    ION 4D sounds badass
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    does it spit out foam after a big collision?
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    It's this one. I don't think this one's too bad. I think they're both cool.
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    Protect the noodle.
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    Dude really needs to just sit the rest of the season out and come back next year. He can be a "competitor" and a "warrior" all he wants, but it's going to get his brains turned into egg salad if he keeps trying to come back too soon.
  10. phiglesphan

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    Screw that crap. Don't buy into the cat mentality out there about concussions. He's fine. He needs to get his butt back on the field.
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    From what I've heard he's been working with the scout team this week. I wouldn't expect him to see much action this week. They may work him in slowly to see how he reacts. I wouldn't be surprised to see him on the inactive list either.
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    If he came in for the playoffs that would be great he would have fresh legs
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    Have you ever had a concussion? :icon_confused:

    I have...I had headaches for weeks :icon_eek:
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