Eagles Trade QB Donovan McNabb To The Redskins

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by SRW, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Fez

    Fez Chicharooney!!!

    I wonder how TJ will react when he finds out...

    The player he hates the most, traded to the team he hates the most.
  2. Walnuts

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    Young was a LOT more proven and experienced than Kolb by the time Montana was traded. He had proved over and over again in the years leading up to you guys dumping Montana that he was going to be at the very least a legit starter, and all signs pointed to his being more than likely a very good one. Kolb has a handful of games. Good ones, but still only a handful. This is a much different situation.
  3. bigsexyy81

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    Hey shut the heck up. We suck now, we have no chance, we are not a contender for maybe a decade, and this front office is as stupid as they come.

    Just go with the flow, bastard! We don't need anyone thinking we still have a chance!

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    So many of these people coming out of the woodwork now that a trade has gone down. All of a sudden, McNabb is the golden boy who can't lose and the Eagles are nuts for even thinking about trading him. Hilarious.

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    Absolutely true. Any my only hope would be that he just totally doesn't live up to expectations.

    Regardless, he (and McNabb) are gonna take their lumps the first year.

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    Yup, I can guarantee the players won't see this as objectively as I am. They should've thought long and hard about that angle.
  4. Roy31

    Roy31 Hall Of Famer

    Are you Senile JJ>? The Iggles have no chance man... Don't get it twisted and stop trying to sugar coat it for these philly fans around here. No Ground Game, inconsistent receivers, Mediocre at best offensive lineman, no linebackers, and a secondary that outside of Samuel is extremely weak. They are in complete rebuild mode. If they weren't then they would have taken a chance on some of the veterans out there. Tomlinson, Sharper, Etc etc.
  5. bigsexyy81

    bigsexyy81 Muffin Top

    Care to give the guy some games to prove it? Or should we just let all of the 'internet experts' write him off before he has officially been handed the reins?

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    Now... that team you're crapting on... they made the playoffs last year despite just about all of that...

  6. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    I'd figure them for about 8 to 9 wins this year. They should be a WC contender, and maybe a Divison contender if the Giants tank again ( I dont think they will) and Romo and Ware get into a car wreck, and Kolb play's like Rodgers did

    In this division, Im just not willing to trust the talent gap. Look at us and the Eagles last year. We got rid of alot of players, and had no chance at competing with the Eagles, who got "stronger" in the offseason. And the Eagles are that team that you shoot in the back of the head twice to make sure they're dead
  7. TJ

    TJ Dez Caught It

    It's like Christmas in April.

    After all these years, Dan Snyder hasn't learn he can't take the Steinbrenner approach in the NFL. You can't buy a championship. You don't build through free agency. The sad part (for Redskins fans, personally, I find it hillarious) is that Campbell hasn't looked that bad IMO.

    Sure, McNabb has a good record against Dallas, but let's not forget that he lost three in a row, including the play-offs.

    Can't wait to see the yearly meltdown in DC.
  8. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels

    To say he looked bad against us this year is an understatement

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    I wonder if people are starting to remember that Shannahan isnt a good personnel guy

    I seriously hope Dan Reeve's got rings for 1997/98
  9. hermhater

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  10. Jihad Joe

    Jihad Joe Life to Infidels


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  11. hermhater

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  12. ollysj

    ollysj iKraut

    Never expected that trade and I don't think it will help either team.....
  13. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    Nice to see all the Eagles fans lining up Kolb as the scapegoat.
  14. Sportsguy

    Sportsguy AKA-Sportsguy9695

    I really didnt think this would happen. But it did and it really surprised me
  15. Greg Brosh

    Greg Brosh Local Eagles Fan Fantasy Guru

    again, don't lump all eagles fans into one clbutt. i have been a kolb backer for awhile now.
  16. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    i don't know what's more laughable, the trade itself sending a still top 10 franchise qb to a divison rival just a make the sensitive little fella feel better or the blatant filp flopping going on with some of you.

    disgustingly pathetic on both counts.

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    wow, you really don't know much do you ?
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  17. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Tebow free since 9/5/2015.

    Who are the blatant flip-floppers?
  18. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    not just on here but in general some of the opposing fans that used to bash mcnabb now think that the skins are suddenly going to become a playoff contender now that they have him.
  19. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    Flip floppers are on both sides, Eagles fans especially considering all the crap a proportion gave to him and now suddenly the franchise is screwed without what they are making out to be the greatest QB of all time.

    I'm sticking by my guns, Eagles have effectively got themselves a second first rounder for an ageing diva QB who isn't going to get them any further than a NFC Championship chokejob. The Kolb hating is ridiculous as well, because lets be honest, if Feeley & Garcia have got them into the playoffs in the past, there's no way that he can't.

    I like the Eagles motives.
  20. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    oh i know it's going to be a both sides but what eagles fans are saying all that ? that vast majority i know only hate "who" he was traded to, not that he was traded.