Ed Hochuli Explains Critical Penaltly On Lions DT Ndamukong Suh Vs Bears

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by SRW, Dec 5, 2010.

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    With the Bears losing by three but driving down the field, Chicago QB Jay Cutler scrambled near the sidelines, and he took a forearm shiver to the back of his helmet by Lions rookie DT Ndamukong Suh that drew a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty. After the game, Lions pool reporter Tom Kowalski interviewed referee Ed Hochuli. Said Hochuli: "I felt it was an unnecessary non-football act, a blow to the back of the runner's helmet in the process of going down. … As I saw it, he hit him in the back of the helmet." Though the announcers wondered if Cutler got preferential treatment because he’s a quarterback, Hochuli said that he did not. Either way, the Bears got the ball on the Lions 7-yard line. The next play, Cutler found Brandon Manumaleuna for the touchdown to give Chicago a lead it did not relinquish.

    Source: CBS Sports
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    I only saw it once but it seemed like a very cheap shot
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    What made me sick to my stomach is the fact that Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan where defending this hit. Did those two get a memo stating that it's ok to hit another player in the back of the head? Last time I checked, it's not ok to hit a player in the head regardless of the position that player plays. Oh well, Suh will get fined and I wouldn't be stunned if he appeals. So if Suh wants to appeal, bring it.
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    YouTube - Suh's Forearm Punch to Cutler

    Ummm... the announcers called it right after they saw it a couple of times. He didn't hit Cutler in the head, he pushed him very roughly in the back and extended his arms. And Cutler was past the line of scrimmage so he didn't deserve any 'gimme' QB calls.

    And the pussification of the NFL continues.
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    You got the call you wanted and perhaps shouldn't have got. Quit crying about it.

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    100% correct. He lead with his forearms and then opened his arms flattening Cutler with his hands on a blow to the upper back. Was a bullcrap call that might have cost Detroit the game. If you saw it in slow motion, this was a legal hit, and there will not be a fine. Well, shouldn't be.
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    It doesn't look like he hit him in the head it was in his back. Most of the ESPN crew was defending the hit as well, especially Tom Jackson.
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    It was a bad call, but in real time it really did look like he used his forearm to the back of Cutlers head so I can understand the call.
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    Well first off, Fox didn't even show the hit from a good angle anyway. Secondly, that could have been avoided. So you guys wanna hate, go right ahead. So I think I have a legit beef regardless of what you or anyone else thinks.
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    I just watched the video and thats not a good angle to be able to tell whether Cutler was nailed in the head or not but it sure looked like it. Either way, it was close and unnecessary. Either way, it was a punk move on Suh's part.
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    All I have seen is the video posted above but it looks like his back in that one.
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    Yet big Ben gets a broken nose and the te gets totaly cheap shooted and no flags
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    Looked worse than what it actually was & legal to boot. Don't have a problem with the call since it was a bang bang play & hard to see but Cutler was a runner, not a QB. If it was a RB, no one would have said a word.

    Regardless, Suh's a beast & it's enjoyable to watch...
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    Just read on twitter that Suh was fined $15,000 for the hit on Cutler and said he won't appeal.
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    No reason to appeal. Not 1 appeal has been honored. Legal hit all the way, and in slow motion you see that. Total bullcrap.
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    Poor Lions, without a bizarre rule and a questionable call, they are verly likely 2-0 against the Bears. Hopefully they take it out on the Packers next week.
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    Legal hit my butt. Legal or not, it was a punk move anyway. Only a coward would make a unnecessary hit like that. Oh well, you have your opinion, I have mine.
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    Yours is ruled by homerism. I don't care for either team. The slow motion replay that they showed at the game was clean hit. How can a push tackle on a runner be brutal? Just a cat QB overacting for a call.
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    Homerism? Haha! Good one my friend. If you wanna strike people from behind from their blind side like that, thats what MMA is for. Tell me one thing then. How come the hit looked like a forearm they? You guys keep talking and talking about this. Post more youtube angles of this hit, i'm begging ANYONE to do so.