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Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by SRW, Nov 13, 2011.

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    Sounds like the Eagles players are not expecting Castillo back. Reporters were asking several defensive players if they want Reid and Castillo back, and all they talked about was Andy. I believe it was Babin that didn't say until the 4th time he was specifically asked about Juan that he wanted him back.
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    "OMGdzzzz we needz to sine dis giy (insert aging OG or OC hpw made a couple Pro Bowls in the day, but has been a Free Agent for a year) for O Tackle"

    would be what you would do if you listened to some fans
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    I mean its kinda revisionist history now. Take into account that Ricky was an insane prospect and McNabb was an Option QB in college, I was shocked he was even a legit prospect consider SU's system at the time.

    Its was a good pick at the time (McNabb proved that offseason to be a legit NFL QB), but the fans had a legit gripe IMO. Outside of KiJana Carter and Barry Sanders, Williams was one of the best HB prospects in 20 years
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    yea before he was a huge pothead
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    Hmmmm, not sure but I think that came up prior to that draft. I think thats why the Colts too Edge over him.

    Also, keep in mind dude ran for 1,800 yard hitting the vap
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    the fans that didnt let the sports talk station dictate their thinking knew we had a RB tht just had his 2nd 1,000 yard rushing season on the worst offense in the league. duce staley was a stud. the eagles didnt need ricky williams, they needed a qb.

    there was a debate over which way to go and the minority wanted williams but that group also had the morning show dopes and at the time mayor to champion their cause and thats why that side got their word out. that aside the buttholes that went to the draft that year do not represent what the majority wanted.

    also, if someone wants to bring the draft to show how mcnabb was treated maybe they should also bring up mcnabbs game here with the redskins when he got a 5min standing o from the crowd.

    i didnt even mean this to turn into a fan discussion i simply responded to ragmans statement that the team better listen to the fans demands.

    i hate being this negative about my football team but how can i even think of being excited about next year when this season's fiasco hasnt even ended ? :banghead:
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    Do you know how dumb a vast majority of our fanbase is? I know you have ventured to the Eagles MB. Total dipcraps. Prior to this season, the coaches didn't value linebacker at all. AT ALL. It's well documented, and you and I and everyone else knew it. They have no choice but to address it this season, as it was THE glaring weakness on defense. It was never this bad before.

    Now... if they don't address it THIS offseason, I'll have some serious beef.

    That said, I like Chaney and think he is our solution at Mike. I think Matthews, Fokou, and Rolle are good situational players. But we do need to go out and spend a nice chunk on a high-level LB with size.

    Watkins - RG for the next 5 or more years. Looks good.
    Jarrett - ???
    Marsh - never more than a nickel or dime back. Meh.
    Matthews - should be a good role player. Not a starter.
    Henery - will be our kicker for 10+ years. Looks good.
    Lewis - MIGHT be starter-worthy on this team if not for Shady. Adios to Ronnie Brown, we won't miss him one bit.
    Vandervelde - decent-looking backup
    Kelce - now our starter for the next 5 years. Like Watkins, looks good especially for a rookie.
    Rolle - has been our best linebacker this season. Might be full time starter next season.
    Lloyd - blah

    So you have three surefire starters (Watkins, Kelce, Henery), one likely starter (Rolle), one 'maybe' starter (Jarrett), and three solid role players (Lewis, Matthews, Marsh).

    Give me that kind of draft every year and I'd be stoked.
    None of us knew if Maclin was going to be playing for us this year. Everyone forgets that.

    Also, we took a big time player away from a division rival.

    It was the right play that day.
    Yes, crapty call as everyone knows. I'll never understand this except for assuming Reid was trying to be loyal to a guy who has stayed loyal to him. Which means nothing in terms of wins and losses.

    I am pissed off at the team and front office and coaches and everyone, too. There is no reason for this team to finish at best .500. Inexcusable. But I see the reasoning and the positives out of most of it.
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    SOME of them are. SOME.
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    I felt that way earlier but have had time to come to grips with our season being over.

    I honestly feel that if these things happen, we are legitimate contenders:

    -get a real DC (I even think Castillo with another year will be much improved, but he's gone for sure)
    -get a big time WR or resign DeSean. One or the other.
    -get the best possible linebacker with our first pick or in FA.
    -acquire a big body DT (330-350) for run downs.
    -get Vick back to form

    Those things happen and we are good.

    You fire Reid, you enter rebuilding mode. That coach will want his own OC, his own DC, his own position coaches, his own schemes, everything. He'll want different players. Maybe he'll want a 3-4, which will require a complete overhaul on defense. Hell, even if he wants a cover 2 it will mean a lot of personnel change.

    I just think this team is too close to being very, very good to blow it up now.
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    * again you like duke go by the dirty 30, the dumbasses that call WIP or the TATErs that post on the EMB (which i never ever go on anymore) ... that is such a small fraction of the fanbase and even on the EMB you have many fans that argue with the TATErs but yeah that could sure give you a bad view.

    * we'll agree to disagree on the draft. kelce, watkins and rolle have played good but the jury is still out on them all. kelce may be the best out of all of them. i forgot henry because, well, he's a kicker. i made it a point to add to my statement "to this point" which would indicate given more time this draft class could be promising.

    * on steve smith - you need to check the timelines.
    - maclin came to camp on 8/2 - 15days after camp started. they knew at that time that he'd be able to play but nobody knew when he would be back to form.
    - jackson came back to camp 8/6
    - steve smith got signed 8/11 and nobody knew when he could play but they spent $4mil anyway. you dont bring in an insurance player like that when said player isnt close to playing himsellf. hindsight is 20/20 but did we really steal anything from the giants ? eli had a monster year without him. wasted money IMO and it helped cause alot of the issues with jackson.

    every year it's different crap, different dumb decisions, different bad game management, that ends this team's season too early. you've been around me long enough to know it took a long time for me to get this frustrated. i used to defend this team and coach when i still saw a reason to do so.
    i hate feeling this way, hate it ! i can't feel any kind of excitment right now for next year. not yet. 13yrs of disappointment is stopping me.

    but i will be at the game sunday, supporting this team as always.
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    i assume reid is back. i came to grips with that three weeks ago. but if there was a change it would along the lines of what indy and tampa did. a good coach could take this talent and inject a new energy.

    that's not happening though so it's a pointless discussion. reid and vick both have one more year here IMO. if it doesnt happen next year they are both gone.
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    The reality is that this front office knows that Reid has brought this team into the playoffs far more often than he hasn't. That he has brought them to multiple NFCCGs. And that he has brought them within one drive of a Lombardi.

    You think they are going to take the fans idea on how to win over a coach with that kind of a resume? It won't ever freaking happen, man. And can you really blame them when you put it like that? I can't.


    Smith signed a day before this was published.

    Even given Reid's shortcomings as a coach, the whole Castillo mess, and the lack of quality at LB this team would have 10-12 wins if the players didn't fumble the ball at crapty times, Vick didn't throw so many damn interceptions, and the D could hold a couple teams from scoring in the 4th.

    That's the truth.
  13. smeags

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    again, smith couldnt play eitherand wasnt expected to be ready until week 4. i could understand the signing if he was healthy.
  14. bigsexyy81

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    That's what the Giants told him. Didn't he suit up the first or second game of the season?

    Either way, I am sure that half of their thoughts on the signing were to take a Pro Bowl WR away from a division rival.
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    yes he did. i just still dont see the need. the guy was not healthy enough to be a factor no matter who he was with. part of the reason was to send a message to jackson which is dumb. you had a blow up with a diva wr before partly because of the way the team handled things so they choose to handle jackson the same way by poking the hornets nest ?

    now i'm not sure what's going to happen with jackson because regardless of what the eagles did to invite it he certainly did act like a jackbutt. to me the eagles currently have the best wr corp ever in this team's history. although when they had mike quick and chris carter it was pretty sweet too.

    this is a season i wish i could forget - i just hope it ends with a pumbling of the washington racists.
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    fire everyone, bring in jeff fisher as HC, norv turner as OC, and Jack DelRio as DC ? how's that for a coaching staff?
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    not going to happen. reid is getting one more year along with vick. if it doesnt happen both are gone and they start over.
  18. CaptainStubing

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    you're probably right. they probably feel like they have too much invested/too many pieces in place with the current roster to abandon ship right now...........

    although i'm not sure that's the right way to view this situation because bringing in a new coaching staff these days does not mean a decade long rebuilding process. Many coaches are able to win immediately in their 1st or 2nd years nowadays and with the talent pool on this team, this would be a prime place to win immediately.
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    i agree and i have no reason to think next year will be any different than the prior 13. i really hope i am proven wrong.
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    Took Cowher 13 years. Reid is due. :icon_cheesygrin: