ESPN's Tim Hasselbeck Says Donovan McNabb's Bad Practice Habits Go Way Back

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by BigBlueBruiser, Nov 2, 2010.

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    LMAO... makes me feel dirty but rep for the photoshop
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    Maybe not regarding practice but I still remember that Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl where the Eagles had the ball in the 4th quarter and McNabb was directing them down the field at a snail's pace. By the time they scored their last TD to pull back close, game was practically over.
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    so because the guy couldnt play at the nfl level his opinion should be tossed aside ?

    well, you obviously couldn't make it in the nfl so should we all laugh at your opinions ?

    btw - brian baldinger backed up this claim and also said the defense was always told not to intercept mcnabb in practice.

    but i guess baldinger is just another person trying to pick on mcnabb.
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    Were I getting paid by the four letter network for my opinions rather then doling them out for the good of all of GIF then YES I would expect you to laugh at me.
    How can you hear something as ridiculous as the defense was told not to intercept McNabb and quote it here. Did you never watch practice/training camp? McNabb got picked off plenty. Is Brian Baldinger another person trying to pick on McNabb. Dear lord he's head of the pack!!! Just Google Brian Baldinger and Donovan McNabb and watch your google explode and once again I say... why the heck would anyone listen to such a nobody.
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    yeah, mcnabb is just always picked on. people go out of their way to make up lies about him. none of the things being said are true. never were. not one bit. all lies. slander.

    you know what, mcnabb is actually the greatest player, crap, heck that, greatest human being to ever take a breath on this planet. if not for the horrible people trying to hold him back we'd all be living worry free in the garden of eden once again.
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    Things are starting to ...
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    I luv it. :icon_cheesygrin:
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    The truth is probably somewhere in between our points of view but somebody has to balance out all you damn negadelphians.
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    I love the Philadelphia Eagles and the way the team is right now. You're the one hating on the team and their quarterback of the future all while backing a freaking REDSKIN.
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    I'm the one treating the best QB in the franchises history with the respect he deserves and earned over the past decade leading us deep in the playoffs time and time again. As for the QB of the future.... that remains to be seen who that is but when it becomes clear, don't worry. I will support them. (unless of course it ends up being Mike Vick)

    I know it's crazy to you that I still support the guy who kept the team consistently competitive for most of my grown up life and reserve judgment for the new kid until he proves he can do the same but that's just where we differ.
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    I'll give respect where it's due. To the players I actually respect. I respect the crap out of Dawkins, Runyan, Thomas, Vincent. etc. Just about all of the Eagles alum. I have listed many times why I don't like him, but we'll summarize it yet again: no fire, crapty leader, jokester, chokester, i-get-no-respect attitude, throws other people under the bus (apparently he has crapty practice habits as well :icon_cheesygrin:). And I could talk for hours about his tendencies on the field, but putting him behind a not-so-stellar o-line in Washington is exposing how freaking fabulous he had it in Philly. Sad part is Kolb and Vick are being judged with this subpar line blocking for them.

    Let's be clear here ONCE AGAIN. McNabb is not Peyton. He's not Brady. He's not Brees. Never was, never will be. He was a top 10 QB in the league for a majority of his years in Philly, but ALWAYS benefitted from a strong o-line, top 5 or top 10 defense, and Brian Westbrook commanding so much attention from the defense. You really think Vince Young is as good as he is playing or does it have something to do with all of the gameplanning for CJ?
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    waiting for dawk to post about how he's done posting about this debate. you know you all are too.
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    What debate? Whether the Eagles made the right decision to get rid of 5 or not was decided long ago. That's all that mattered to me.
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    He said negadelphian.

    Okay, carry on. :popcorn: