Ex-Baltimore Colts LB Mike Woods Dead At 54

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    Former Baltimore Colts linebacker Mike Woods, whose promising NFL career ended when a gunman's bullet shattered his spinal cord in 1982, died on May 28, exactly one week after the 27th anniversary of his shooting. A big, physical linebacker, Woods became the University of Cincinnati's first all-American during his college career (1975-77) and was a second-round draft pick by the Colts in 1978. He missed his entire rookie season with a back injury, then started 36 of 48 games with the Colts from 1979-1981. "He was happy every day," his wife said today from the family home in Richmond Heights. "But he would get depressed around the anniversary of the shooting."

    Source: Baltimore Sun
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    Rest in peace, Mr. Woods
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    Rest In Peace my beloved Baltimore Colt.