Ex-Browns GM Phil Savage Finds Part Time Work

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    The last we saw or heard from Phil Savage, he was backpedaling in the Super Bowl media room in Tampa, Fla., declining to shed any light on his abrupt dismissal as Browns general manager. Now comes word that Savage, like many fired NFL coaches and executives drawing nice severance checks, will turn to the media for his next occupation. Savage will replace Kenny Stabler as the radio color man for the annual University of Alabama spring practice game.

    Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer
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    They killed Kenny. You bastards!
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    he replaces 'the snake' as the color man for a college team's spring practice?


    when savage cussed out that media member via e-mail, i argued with some browns fans who were saying, "it's no big deal". i was telling them that his meltdown signaled the beginning of the end for the guy but i didn't realize he was going to fall this far this fast.