Ex-Giants LB Lawrence Taylor Arrested On Rape Charge

Discussion in 'New York Giants' started by MediaGuy, May 6, 2010.

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    Former Giants star Lawrence Taylor was arrested today for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl at a Rockland County hotel, authorities said. Taylor, 51, who lives in Pembroke Pines, Fla., was taken into custody by Town of Ramapo cops after being accused of raping the teen at the Holidome Hotel in Montebello. The two-time Super Bowl champion will be charged with third-degree rape, a charge that involves having intercourse with a minor, police said.

    Source: New York Post
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  2. K Train

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    coke and now rape? game. set. match. on taylors life
  3. SoDev

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    Still got the energy to rape after many rod numbing coke years at 51 years of age? Dirty bastard.
  4. MediaGuy

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    Just updated. A 15 year old? WTF?
  5. His life is over.
  6. King Romo

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    15 year old girl. Wow what a bad butt. This soft butt is going to get to spend the rest of his life in prison.
  7. SoDev

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    Heard he beat her bad too. If true he can rot in whatever accounts to hell.
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    My all time favorite player. This pisses me off so much. You grow up watching and loving someone and try to give them the bennifit of the doubt but they just keep dissapointing you. Why LT.....?
  9. K Train

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    wow a child rapist....they will have alot of fun with that in jail

    one of the best ever too, what a freaking shame
  10. DoubleC

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    15yrs old... Holy crap! :violent22:
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    At least Roethlisberger waits until they're 18 to rape them. Shame on you.

    Are we really surprised by the behavior of a crackhead though? If this wasn't LT the great linebacker and just Larry Taylor the homeless crackhead would we be shocked? Probably not.
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    Dumb ass! A 15 year old? What the hell.
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    Which leads me to my second point, kids. Don't do crack.
  16. SoDev

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    TMZ has her at 16 and she had a pimp which makes her a prostitue, they have a condom, we knew he hecked her, but did he know she was underage, and was he the one that hit her... those are the questions at this point... at least from a morality standpoint.
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    UPDATE: Officers also claim LT did not attack his accuser, her injuries were caused before she arrived to his hotel room.

    UPDATE: LT has been charged with rape in the 3rd degree -- which is essentially statutory rape.
    The charge is a Class E felony -- and if convicted, LT could face up to 4 years in prison.

    Cops also state that LT has been charged with patronizing a prostitute -- and if convicted, LT could face up to one year in jail.

    UPDATE: Cops confirm that LT is accused of paying $300 for s*x.

    UPDATE: Officials "do not know" if the victim resisted having s*x with LT -- it's important to recognize that LT has not been charged with forcible rape.

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