Ex-Giants RB Tiki Barber Booed At Ring Of Honor Ceremony

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  1. The Giants unveiled their inaugural "Ring of Honor" during halftime of Sunday night's game against the Bears, and of the 30 names announced, only one received lusty boos from the New Meadowlands Stadium crowd -- former running back Tiki Barber, who has made critical comments about quarterback Eli Manning and coach Tom Coughlin since his retirement. Barber was a star running back for the Giants from 1997-2006, but has turned fans against him with his words and actions since he retired just before the team's most recent Super Bowl championship season. He received the boos as though he were expecting them, smiling and waving to the fans. When his former teammate, Amani Toomer, was introduced a moment later, cheers went up again and escalated until the final name, Super Bowl XXI MVP Phil Simms, was announced. The first edition of the Giants' Ring of Honor, which will be displayed around the front of the stadium's upper deck during Giants home games, includes franchise founder Tim Mara and fellow owners Wellington Mara, Jack Mara and Bob Tisch.

    Source: NFL Fanhouse
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    go figure
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    Much deserved.
  5. SoDev

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    Freaking douche.

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    Vid of the booing, lol

    YouTube - Giants fans boo Tiki Barber
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    what a pathetic fan base
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    This is not smack central so keep the thread on topic.
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    nothing wrong with bringing up the fan base, it isn't a personal attack to any one person and they are talking about the fans booing.
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    ok sweets.
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    You don't have a clue. All he's done is rip the the team and individuals within the org. since he left. He's earned every one of those boos.
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    I would have to agree. Tiki was a great player.. He should of left it at that. Instead he did nothing but clown on the organization after he retired. If all he got was booed he needs to consider himself lucky. my .02
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    Barber has been acting like the bitter ex-girlfriend.
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    SoDev and this^. Love that he got booed. He's deserved it.
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    just sayin' he did help yall to a super bowl victory...i havent heard what exactly he has said about the organization, tho being inducted into the ring of honor should merit some respect for the guy
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    They won the Super Bowl the year after he left.
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    You just don't know. I'm not going to explain it all. Google it. You admit here that you are speaking from a position of ignorance since you don't even know what he's done. He's lucky they are still inducting him. The fans obviously aren't fans anymore. We didn't hate him all at once. It wasn't 1 incident. He stripped away the respect layer by layer over a period of time.

    Also, he helped us get to a SB in 2000. No victory. More ignorance.
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    Why would you comment about something you clearly know absolutely nothing about?

    Next time you see Tiki, try and take notice of the Superbowl ring that he doesn't have.
  18. Speak for yourself......

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