Ex-Lions OT Jonathan Scott Blasts The Previous Regime

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    Lions fans probably had all but forgotten about Jonathan Scott, the little-used offensive lineman who played in Detroit in 2006-07 then left for Buffalo before last season. In a recent interview with Scout.com Scott voiced his frustrations about playing in Detroit and explained how communication breakdowns between the offensive coordinator and his offensive line coach ran rampant. Scott said the linemen became chickens with their heads cut off and who was supposed to block where was a play-to-play mystery. You can sense frustration throughout the entire team, Scott said. Cancer is a disease and negative energy can be transmitted easily from one player to the next and one coach to the next. Ive witnessed situations where coaches arent on the same page. So when you try to change all that negative energy and do a 180 on game day, your chances arent that great.

    Source: Detroit Free Press
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    No big suprise, it showed on every Sunday.