Ex-Steelers DC d**k LeBeau To Join Cardinals Coaching Staff

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers have seen their share of coaches and players head out West to become part of the Arizona Cardinals organization. They saw the recruiting happen when Ken Whisenhunt left Pittsburgh for Arizona, and are seeing it again with Bruce Arians at the helm.

    The latest coach to be lured to the desert is former Steelers defensive coordinator d**k LeBeau. It had been reported by Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette LeBeau and Arians were having talks about a reunion of the two former coordinators. Reports are surfacing today LeBeau will be going to Arizona, but not as the defensive coordinator.

    Mike Jurecki, of Fox Sports 910AM, reports via Twitter LeBeau will be taking on a similar role with the Cardinals as Tom Moore has held within the Cardinals' organization. Moore, the one time assistant under Chuck Noll, has the title of Offensive Consultant and oversees the offensive preparations of the team.

    Source: http://www.behindthesteelcurtain.co...ded-to-arizona-cardinals-but-not-as-defensive
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    Not surprising. He wanted to work with arians again.
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    Will he bring Mean Joe Green with him
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    I believe Mean Joe Been There Done That in AZ.
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    Sounds like LeBeau is now heading to the Titans...