Ex-Vikings P Chris Kluwe To Sue The Team For Refusing To Release Results Of Internal Investigation

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    The lawyer for former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe said Kluwe plans to sue the Vikings for their refusal to release the results of a six-month independent investigation into Kluwe's claims that special-teams coordinator Mike Priefer made homophobic remarks during the 2012 season.

    Both the Vikings and the attorneys conducting the investigation released statements Tuesday saying they never told Clayton Halunen, Kluwe's attorney, that they would not release the findings of the report to Kluwe or the public, and Halunen said Tuesday he still plans to meet with the Vikings on Thursday to discuss the investigation.

    In a news conference Tuesday morning, Halunen and Kluwe claimed they have learned the report will corroborate Kluwe's initial allegations.

    Kluwe wrote in a Jan. 2 Deadspin piece that Priefer made a series of homophobic statements during the 2012 season and that the team released Kluwe in May 2013 for his outspoken stances on a number of social issues, including his support of same-s*x marriage. Priefer issued a statement Jan. 2 in which he "vehemently" denied Kluwe's claims, including an allegation that the coach said during a November 2012 meeting, "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island and nuke it until it glows."

    Halunen said Tuesday, though, that "we do know" Priefer later admitted making the comments when he was interviewed by investigators.

    "At this point, we have no choice but to file a lawsuit against the Vikings," Halunen said. "In that lawsuit, the very first thing we will get in the course of discovery will be the investigation report, and to the extent we're able, we will make that public."

    Source: ESPN
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    WTF? Pfeifer has admitted to making homophobic remarks and gotten a 3-game suspension for it. F*ck Kluwe. He's the same guy that walked around the vikes locker room with a hole in the back of his undies saying that he was a Jerry Sandusky victim. Hypocritic pr**k.
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    Damn, it's so hard to stay relevant after your football career is over for some. Thank God for the courts... :rolleyes: