ExpoSECd!!! Wicked witch of the south declared officially dead

Discussion in 'NCAA Football Talk' started by SportsChump, Jan 3, 2015.

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    I received a text from a friend the other night right after the Ohio State win. She notified me that this would be the first time in nearly a decade that an SEC team play would not for a national championship.

    Everyone take a deep breath.

    The world has not stopped spinning on its axis, gasoline prices are as low as they’ve been in ages, the sun will still rise in the east and yes, an SEC team will not be playing for a national championship.

    Follow me closely and realize this is coming from a person who graduated from an SEC school… deservedly so.

    This year, the SEC just didn’t cut the mustard.

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    It certainly appears so, Rag. At least this year.