Falcons becoming Petrinos team

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    Falcons becoming Petrinos team

    By Mark Bradley | Thursday, October 25, 2007, 09:11 AM

    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    Mark Bradley

    This much seems clear: The head coach plans to be here for the long haul, and hes consolidating his power with every week. No longer the team Michael Vick left or the team Rich McKay assembled, this is becoming Bobby Petrinos team.

    The Falcons cut Grady Jackson for no compelling reason other than to show there are no indispensables on a 1-6 club, least of all a 34-year-old tackle who weighs upwards of 350 pounds. On cue, DeAngelo Hall ripped Petrino, same as Alge Crumpler had ripped him earlier. They can cut me, too, Hall harrumphed, and if I were him I wouldnt give anybody any ideas. I get the feeling Petrino isnt a man to cross. I also get the feeling hes the man who matters most in Flowery Branch.

    When was the last time McKay was quoted on anything? When have we seen or heard so little from the usually out-front (and player-friendly) Arthur Blank? There seems a concerted effort that management speak with one voice, and that voice is now the head coachs.

    Petrino doesnt care about being anyones pal. Hes here to coach football. If certain Falcons cant handle that, they need to go work somewhere else. More from Hall: Its kind of hard for other guys to play 100 percent knowing that everybodys not on board, from the front office on down.

    And thats the point: The belief here is that Petrino essentially is the front office. Would McKay have handed Ovie Mughelli the fattest contract awarded a fullback had Petrino not demanded it? Would the Falcons have signed Byron Leftwich without a push from Petrino?

    The belief here is that Hall and his fellow dissidents will be playing elsewhere next season. And Petrino wont be coaching at Auburn or at LSU or at any other rumored bail-out destination; hell be coaching the Falcons, and theyll be more to his liking.

    I personally think these moves are needed, and it helps prove that Petrino is in it for the long haul and is calling the shots, which is great news for the Falcons.
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    i agree happ. also, part of the falcons problem is the same as the saints.....the old dude that owns them
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    You are on the money on that one. At least it appears that he has learned his lesson and is letting Petrino handle things, even if it means running off some long-timers. I think the bloodletting this offseason is gonna be surprising.
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    Oh you just gotta loce those college coaches who are successful in college but in the NFL, well thats a different story.
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    He was an assistant coach in Jacksonville before he was went to Louisville, so I would hope he knows what he is doing. So far, it seems that way. The Falcons have been competitive until the end in the majority of their games, so I wouldn't say he's outmatched, but he really needs to have players that fit his style. When you change from zoneblocking OL to a beefy OL philosophy, there will be a period where changes will have to be made. Our OL is the biggest problem right now.
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    think they will take brohm with their first pick?
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    Makes a lot of sense to do it. He would know the offense, and we will be drafting high enough to get him. I guess it just depends on how highly Petrino REALLY thinks of him.