Falcons Considered Bringing C Todd McClure Out Of Retirement To Bolster Offensive Line

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by DaBears22, Nov 9, 2013.

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    The Atlanta Falcons recently considered bringing center Todd McClure out of retirement to bolster their offensive line, a source told FOX Sports.

    The Falcons approached McClure about the possibility of returning during the team’s bye week in mid-October. McClure, 36, was willing, but the Falcons ultimately decided against making the move.

    Source: Fox Sports

    DaBears22's Take: Falcons are 2-6, 4 games back of the Saints and have looked terrible this year. Can't blame them for bringing back a 14 year veteran of the team but with the league's worst rushing attack, would he really have helped? They need a running game badly.
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    Like that would have turned things around? The 2013 Falcons are simply terrible and I kind of feel sorry for players like RB Stephen Jackson and TE Tony Gonzalez for buying into the Falcons' sales job.