Falcons Considering Parting With RB Michael Turner?

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by SRW, Jan 21, 2012.

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    The Falcons have leaned heavily on Michael Turner since they signed him before the 2008 season — he's the only back in the league to exceed 300 carries in three of the past four seasons — and he's been one of the team's more consistent and productive players. Turner was bothered by a groin injury for much of last season and seemed to wear down late in the year, but he still finished third in the league in rushing (1,340 yards). He gained only 41 yards on 15 carries in Atlanta's playoff loss to the Giants, though, and didn't get the ball in 4th-and-short situations tailor-made for a Turner run up the gut. With Turner just a few weeks away from turning 30, the team has never appeared less confident in him. He's signed through the 2013 season and is due to make $5 million in 2012, but some league observers are suggesting the Falcons may consider parting ways with him this offseason.

    Source: Pro Football Weekly
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    And replace him with who. He is 30 but he didn't play a lot his first couple of years he backed LT

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    How is it his fault that he wasn't given the ball in the situations that were tailor-made for him?
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    wait a minute... he is only due 5 mil? imo that is plain dumb. you couldnt find a better backup for only 5 mil let alone a starter better than turner.
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    Agree with y'all these points. Remember seeing them try 4 and inches and your 200+ rb is on sideline


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    from a NFC South point of view, i'm like YEAH!!!!!!!

    from a football point of view.....WTF!!!!!!!