Falcons FB Jason Snelling Arrested For Marijuana Possession

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    Atlanta Falcons fullback Jason Snelling was arrested Friday morning and charged with possession of marijuana and various traffic violations, according to the Barrow County News.

    An officer allegedly noticed "a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle", according to the News, and Snelling told the WPD officer that he had been smoking marijuana earlier in the evening.

    "I asked Mr. Snelling if there was any other marijuana in the vehicle, and he told me that there was a grinder in the center console of the vehicle and that it had a little bit of marijuana left in it," the arresting officer wrote in his official report, according to the News. " ... I searched the vehicle and located a metal grinder where Mr. Snelling had said it was."

    Source: NFL.com

    markaz's Take: Between the Falcons and the Dolphins I wonder which one is praying the hardest for the season to end.
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    He was trying to eat the weed
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    Could just be me though.
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    Vikings :icon_sad: