Falcons LB Paul Worrilow On His 19-Tackle Performance

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by markaz, Nov 8, 2013.

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    Linebacker Paul Worrilow’s gem of a performance almost got lost in the wreckage of the 34-10 loss to Carolina.

    The stats released after the game had Worrilow, the undrafted rookie free agent from Delaware, down for 10 solo tackles and nine assists.

    Source: AJC.com

    markaz's Take: I had no idea this occurred until reading it online. 19 tackles? WOW! Considering the second most all time is 21, this is one hell of a performance...and it probably did go unnoticed by many because it's the Falcons. Oh yeah, the single game record is 25 by Brian Urlacher against my beloved Cardinals.:tsk:
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    I love me some paul worrilow. Ive been pulling for this guy since OTAs and TC. Been so happy to see him play. Im just hoping he doesnt get demoted once weatherspoon comes back

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