Falcons Looking To Regain Fan Confidence This Year

Discussion in 'Atlanta Falcons' started by mike oxlong, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Matt Ryan stood before a board in a private room at a swanky Boston restaurant in March. Dimitroff, the Atlanta Falcons' general manager, and their owner, coach, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach watched as Ryan drew up various game situations."He blew us away," Dimitroff said. Imagine Ryan doing the same thing on the field, except the Xs and Os are real opposing defenders and the audience is a packed Georgia Dome.

    Source: Macon Telegraph
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    Then they better lower ticket prices. People blast Falcon fans, but it's tough for people like me to drive3 hours every week to see a game. And for people who live in the southern part of the state, it's even worse.
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    Dude, you can get season tickets for $200, do they have to give them away? We're pretty bad but not that bad.:icon_cheesygrin: