Falcons To Use MMA Training During Offseason

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    The Atlanta Falcons have become the NFL’s first team to begin a team-sponsored MMA program for its players. An increasing number of NFL players have turned to mixed martial arts in an effort to stay in shape during the off-season. The Falcon's organization hired Jay Glazer's MMAthletics, a company he founded with UFC star Randy Couture, to provide the training.

    Source: Alex Marvez, FOXSports.com

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    several indecent thoughts went through my head. What is funny, in a sad way, is if a team tries to be tough, they won't be. Like last year on Hard Knocks, when Mike Smith kept talking about being "tough". It was like watching a bunch of geeks 8th graders talking about how they are going to be tough 9th graders.
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    putting last season aside, the Saints are really in the heads of the Failclown. The more I think about it, last season was on purpose. woke everyone up, and made the Failclown think they can hang with the Saints. I wonder how the new coach will do with that group of slime. #Riseupandgetwitchslappednextseason