Falcons WR Julio Jones Cuts Beef And Pork Out Of Diet To Improve His Nutrition

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    Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones will be entering his third season and already is one of the NFL's top wide receivers.

    Jones told Ross Jones of FOX Sports that Jones has cut out beef and pork over the last year and has enjoyed the benefits since then.

    “I feel l much better,â€￾ Jones said. “Especially playing football, I feel that stuff sits on you.â€￾

    Jones has taken the proper advice of his team nutritionist and when he has the choice, he prefers organic food over regular.

    Source: The Redzone
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    Truf. Go with the birds or the veggies.
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    Well I certainly are enough NC BBQ pork and baby back ribs today to account for myself and Julio.

    JCBRAVE The opposite of a Rookie

    His QB says the less feet the better. Beef and pork bad, chicken and fish good.

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    Steven Jackson is on the same diet.

    God knows I should be on that diet too.

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