Fantasy Football Tools (Updated 7/16/07)

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    Here's a list of important links to help you play Fantasy Football this season.

    Free Leagues:

    Pay leagues.
    To be honest, I dont know anything about pay leagues. Ive never played in one and am quite frugal with the dollar. Im not adverse to the idea, it just hasnt happened for me yet. These are some that other people have told me about that they enjoy. Check em out for your self.
    Do you play in a pay league? Is so, please tell us about your league and what you like best about it.

    Fantasy Football is a game about stats. Beyond just TDs and yards, here you will find lots of them:

    Fantasy Player News

    Draft Tools:
    24/7 live mock draft site
    Practice makes perfect. If youre drafting #2 your strategy differs than if you draft #9. Be prepared for wherever you end up ahead of time. Practice drafting from various draft positions and get an edge on your friends on draft day.

    Draft Pick Trade Calculator
    Does your league allow trades during the draft? If so, this is a neat program that tries to assess value to draft picks. What is the 5th selection of round 2 worth? A 3rd and 5th? A 2nd and a 3rd? Find out here.

    Strength of schedule
    Some people think its matters, others don't. Take a look at this season's sos here.

    Other Useful Sites:
    NFL Radio Broadcasts Added 7/16/07
    Listen to games online

    Stadium Weather Added 7/16/07
    Find out what weather conditions your players are facing.

    This article originally appeared in 1st and 10 Fantasy Football Blog.
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    Thanks for that, WR. I had only heard about rotoworld and I thought it was a baseball-only site.

    It's not really a tool but I'm reading this book right now and it's pretty funny.
    I'm sure some of you would recognize yourself in the characters.
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    that looks like a great source of information
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    A bunch of fantasy information at football diner. Player rankings, sleeper picks, rookie advice: