Favre Tells Packers He's Retiring

Discussion in 'Green Bay Packers' started by n1gbpackfan, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Thank you for everything Brett. Best wishes in your future endeavors. That being said, enough already. It has been 12 hours since word came out. I do not need to see it constantly on the espn crawl while watching a good basketball game. Looks like Brett, Sapp, Ogden, and maybe Strahan in this clbutt.
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    that would be a damn fine clbutt.. and it is annoying to have it keep drawing my attention away from the bucks trying to squeeze out a win
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    First of all I dont see why he would base his decison on whether they got Randy Moss or not.He had good receivers, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, James Jones had a few good games, Koren Robinson, and Donald Lee and Bubba Franks at TE.Im shocked that he ended his career with a pick in OT.He had one of his best years last year and he's still got good WR's.I think he would have had another great year if he had came back.I dont see how anyone could be happy about Brett leaving even if you are a bears,vikes,lions fan, Favre was one of the best its not like hes cocky and runs his mouth all the time.Losing a great player out of the NFL is not something to be happy about:icon_rolleyes: .
    Thanks to Favre for eveything hes done for football.:bowdown:
  4. Wasnt his first pass and last pass ever both picks?
  5. 86WARD

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    $11.4 MILLION - Freed up in cap space...

  6. gee golly, dats alot
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    I hear ya MG but you know we'll be exposed to more of his whole freaking life history before it's all done...thank God we won't be subjected to more is he or isn't he leaving the game. Best wishes Brett...and as Beasty said, cya craphead, he owned the 49ers more times then I care to remember I'm glad he's finally leaving football it's about time...sheesh...
  8. n1gbpackfan

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    Actually his first pass was to himself!
  9. how so?
  10. n1gbpackfan

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    Hell Moss got more attention then Farve... I think any attention he receives is well deserved.
  11. I always liked Brett, I wonder what hes gonna do now that he doesnt play football?

    Ive only ever seen him do 3 things, play football, sell prilosec OTC, and a home-gym system.
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    Sept. 13, 1992, at Tampa Bay. Favre completes his first NFL pass -- to himself. A deflected pass lands in Favre's hands, and he is tackled for a 7-yard loss. Favre completes eight of 14 passes for 73 yards.


    I know he loves to play golf and is pretty good at it... I also heard rumors he is headin to Nascar..?? I don't see that happening, but ya never know, the way he played football, I would love to see him behind the wheel!!
  13. lol @ completing a pass to himself
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    :icon_eek: Is this a serious rumor? Not anyone can just get behind the wheel of a car and start driving 200 MPH with other cars trying to pass you. Let alone a 40 some year-old.

    Even if he did do this, I still wouldn't tune my TV within 5 channels of a NASCAR race.:icon_mrgreen:
  15. TJ

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    Maybe as a team owner a la Joe Gibbs...
  16. dpn

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    I am really going to miss this guy. He is the quintessential football player - tough as nails and passionate about the game. It won't be the same without him. I, too, am surprised that he is leaving now after the great season they had last year. (Maybe he'll change his mind :))

    So sorry to see him go. Good luck, Brett!!
  17. Inclulbus

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    hey now, dont forget about Aikman and Staubach's race team, the Texas Instruments DLP Car. #96 for the Hall Of Fame racing team.
  18. 86WARD

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    If Roger Goodell could take a little time from SpyGate, he could use Brett Favre for something NFL Related...embassador or some crap. People (most) love the guy.

    I reference NFL Radio a lot on here, well becasuse I listen a lot...Tim Ryan was telling a story about a summer when Favre worked out with a local high school team for a week or two and was tossing passes to the WR and word got back to Favre one day that a high school WR was going around the town telling people that he thought Favre didn't have "it" any more. The next practice, Favre threw as hard as he would to an NFL receiver and the kid missed the pass and it hit him in the chest pretty hard. Then he wouldn't throw to the kid the rest of the day...the rest of the team laughed.
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    all i know is brett farve NEVER won a game in philly. :icon_cool:
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    It's never going to be the same again when my team plays the Packers for we never beat Bret Favre. That sucks.