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  1. wide right

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    It's the beginning of July now and as I walked through the magazine section at my local WalMart yesterday I noticed the annual onslaught of FF magazines. Damn, some of these really suck. My first 2 years playing FF the magazines were my draft lifeline. Now some 6 years later and there's about 1000 more than there used to be and most of them are utterly useless. You'll find such nuggets of wisdom as, "Stud: LaDanian Tomlinson, Dud: Dante Culpepper, Sleeper: Vince Young" No crap Sherlock. Thanks for the tips. Sure, the longer you play FF the easier it is to do your own prep work but a good FF mag makes nice toilet reading. There still are a few that are good. What makes them good are not the usual speculation articles but rather statistical breakdowns and projections. FF is a game of stats, right?

    My 2 favorites are FF Index and Football Guys. If you see either of these on your local news stand grab 'em. It's worth the 7 bucks.

    Does anyone have a favorite FF magazine they enjoy? If so please share with the rest of the clbutt.
  2. AdiBear

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    Hi wide right,
    Out of the bunch that was at my Wally World (walmart) I got the NFL.com FF mag...nice read.
  3. wide right

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    I got that mag two years ago. The photography in there is simply amazing. I just reread their sleepers article (I save all my old mags like a nerd) and they hit 50% of them. The articles themselves were a little thin and ALL available for free at nfl.com. When I found that out I was a little upset at dropping $8. I love Gil Brandt's analysis in there but like I said, it's already on the website.
  4. AdiBear

    AdiBear 1st Stringer

    Hi mate,
    where is the mag? I wanted to print something off for the father in-law and cant find it on nfl.com,only an add for it..:(
  5. wide right

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    There's not a special section for the magazine. FF related articles on NFL.com appear in the mag. Who authored the article you like? Search by that. For example, Michael Fabiano or Gil Brandt.
  6. AdiBear

    AdiBear 1st Stringer

    thanks mate
  7. wide right

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    OK I read Football Guys in the magazine aisle of the supermarket and it's not as good as I remember. It'll be a handy reference if you do a live in person draft but most of the articles are on their website.
  8. AdiBear

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    the father in-law has got Football Guys,I had a quick glance at it and IMO nfl.com is better.
  9. wide right

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    I just picked up the 2008 FF Index at the grocery store. Saves me the time of printing up stats. These magazines have all jumped the shark in the last couple years but FFI still does an ok job. It'll be decent crapper reading material at least. :pottytrain5:
  10. Greg Brosh

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    I was surprised with how much info FFI has for the price. 7 dollars for basically 2 magazines worth of info. ESPN's is a piece of garbage and NFL.com's was ok.
  11. AdiBear

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    I found that the Nfl.com one was the most money out of all of them and you can get nearly all the info on line anyway...:icon_rolleyes:
  12. mike oxlong

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    fftoolbox.com has some good articles, but they writers there have a tendency to be a little biased. with mags there so much and with so much of the good stuff being available online and online being so accessible now. You are better off surfing for a specific topic.

    www.pro-football-reference.com has almost every stat you could ever need. The pro football HOF website has the best draft info history around. A few bookmarks and you have a year round magazine at your fingertips

    AS for footballguys, whether you get the mag or not, bookmark their news portion, they get news from around the country on all things football and they are pretty fast about getting it there.

    On Rotoworld, each sport has a dropdown menu, click on local papers for NFL and you will have the links to every nfl cities online newspaper coverage of the team and the nfl.
  13. Fish

    Fish I'm glad I came!

    I think most of the magazines just rehash the same crap as each others. But for complete players AND teams stats, FF Index is THE magazing to have by my side at draft time. I read it thoroughly each year. My starategy is not just the good running back. Anyone can pick LT, Addai or Clinton. But go beyond that and I look at the o-lines who are strong who will give the RBs holes to run through and give time for the QBs time to pbutt. FFI will give you in depth reports on this info. :icon_cool:
  14. dolphindude13

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    I usually buy the Fantasy Sports magazine every year. Not so much for the info but the layout of the Cheatsheets and draftboard. I usually try to breakdown the stats and everything and come up with my own projections or wishlist rather than take what I read in a magazine as gospel.
  15. Garnett

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    Most magazines get printed so early it's impossible to be up to date.

    Sports Illustrated just sent out their Fantasy Football preview though. I was stunned it arrived this early. I figured it would coincide w/ the NFL preview issue that comes out later.
  16. MediaGuy

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    Gil Brandt has known his crap for decades. Extremely knowledgeable.
  17. Fish

    Fish I'm glad I came!

    What is a good Fantasy Football Magazine to get this year?

    I mean with the NFL "Lock-Out" keeping players from practicing and keeping teams from trading and signing and dropping players, the regular batch of fantasy football magazines are probably useless. And magazines being printed so early... has anyone found a good magazine or on-line website to get good information for the upcoming fantasy football season?
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  18. themush

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  19. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    I usually buy FFIndex as a starting point...but do a lot of online research to adjust the rankings to my liking.

    FFIndex didn't put out a magazine this year though. They knew it would be pretty much pointless to do so with the lockout...
  20. mike oxlong

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