FIBA's Happy Ending

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    When we last left our not-so-merry band of American underachievers, they were finishing seventh overall in a basketball tournament held around the globe. Hosting these games in China did all red-blooded American basketball fans a favor by sparing us the horror of having to watch. ESPN2 only aired USA’s final games which were, in a word, deflating.

    To put this in its proper perspective, USA Basketball had lost only one game internationally in the last thirteen years. In this latest FIBA tournament, they lost two that mattered, one prelim and almost another where they only beat Turkey by a single point. I ask you, who’s the real turkey?

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    International basketball is boring when the USA dominates. Only the original Dream Team 27 years ago managed to capture and keep our attention while they were winning games by 50 points.

    By the next games in Atlanta, I couldn't care less about the basketball tournament and it's been like that ever since, with the exception on '04 when Argentina won...and I hate the Argentinians.

    Next time I'll check in advance. If the USA is not sending its best possible NBA team, I might watch again...same in next year's Olympics.
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    I suppose that's one argument I hadn't thought of, Teej.

    I'd still rather have the best talent against the best talent though. In no way whatsoever, is Mason Plumlee the 12th best American player so why even send him? Know what I mean?
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    Yes, absolutely. You're totally right...the problem is the competitive balance. When the U.S. send their best players, it's no match for the rest of the world.

    Ever wonder why the Soccer (football) World Cup is so popular world wide? Because the champion doesn't storm through the tournament beating everybody by 5 goals. I know I wouldn't watch if it was like that.

    That's why we don't have an American Football World Cup, I guess...
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    I don't know, Teej.

    If we sent the Redskins, maybe the rest of the world would stand a chance. ZING!!!
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